Xbox "Rise of the Tomb Raider: survival billboard"

To celebrate the launch of Tomb Raider Posterscope, in collaboration with the creative agency M:United and PR agency Edelman, did something quite crazy.
A few weeks ago we ran ads containing purely Terms & (Horrible) Conditions on Outdoor (in gyms and student unions) and digital billboards. These directed people through to the Survival Billboard website where people were able to solve a tricky capture puzzle and provide reasons why they deserve to face the Billboard.
We had towards 2,000 applicants, which were then narrowed down to 8 specially chosen people with varying characteristics.
From 1pm on the 12th November, we put 8 contestants up there and we started to fire varying degrees of wind, rain, snow and heat at them for up to 24hours which was controlled by the public through a voting system. What’s more this it was all live streamed to the internet on , it was also streamed to the Birmingham Eyes, Manchester Printworks digital OOH screens.