World First's Outdoor Campaign

World First is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with its first ever outdoor advertising campaign. Planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope, the campaign introduces the new Mr Men character ‘Mr First’ across the national Transvision network and rail 48-sheet locations situated in, and around, London.
Featuring the classic Mr Men characters: Mr Silly, Mr Grumpy, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Little Miss Dotty, Mr Wrong and Mr Nonsense, the campaign plays on the idea that none of them know that “Mr. First knows a better way” to transfer money abroad.
Karen Eisen, Global Marketing Director, said: “At World First, the customer experience is at the centre of everything we do, so we wanted a [campaign] that really brought our brand to life and resonated with people on a personal level. Mr First really cuts through the clutter and tells our story in a unique, compelling and memorable way.”
World First’s campaign will reach affluent, connected and highly mobile commuters at major rail hubs and key commuter stations for two weeks from Monday 6th October.