What next for the media industry? 2017 revealed

Out of Home Evolves

Glen Wilson, managing director, Posterscope
2016 has been the year of the individual – consumers have rejected being identified as an age, gender or affluence score, witnessed by the evolution of the traditional TV broadcasting model to include analytics-based streaming sites like Netflix. Brands are becoming increasingly aware of this and using ever-more sophisticated channels and targeting to ensure maximum relevancy to their customers.
In 2017, out-of-home’s ability to broadcast to mass audience groups will remain a key strength of the medium and the addition of real-time audience and location data means OOH has the opportunity to be more targeted in its messaging while still delivering mass scale. Brands will be able to communicate to the masses, whilst also being capable of capturing a brand’s elusive niche audience at a key time of the day.
Advancements in live data and DOOH will allow us to be even more predictive of changing trends and capitalise on unifying social moments and mind-sets that encompass all manner of audiences. Using this data we will be able to identify common mind-sets and target ads with effective, engaging messages to reach beyond traditional demographic groups. Understanding a real audience, as opposed to an aggregated survey, will help us target even better in OOH in 2017.
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