What does the real-world have in store for advertisers of the future?

Posterscope hosts “Reinventing the real world” seminar at AdWeek Europe
Disruption is a familiar theme for digital but the new battleground though is embracing distruption in the real, physical world. The time and places where we spend 30% of our waking hours is the OOH space.  It is this space where the powerhouses and entrepreneurs of the digital economy see the real opportunity, as we are becoming an urban population.  Cities currently represent 80% of the world’s GDP and they are growing fast.  This is leading to new behaviours, travel patterns and changing how we interact with each other.
On Monday 20th March, Posterscope hosted “Reinventing the real world” with 4 panelists: Kenyatte Nelson, Group Marketing Director of Shop Direct, Nicky Bullard, Chair and COO of MRM Meteorite, Katie Dulake, Head of Brand and Marketing of TSB and Paddy Earnshaw, Chief Customer Officer at Doddle. The session was chaired by IAB CEO Jon Mew.
Our key speakers, discussed in a live panel how successful brands will need to consider how they navigate the every-changing landscape of the real world and how they can build new and different customer relationships. Topics included how to create a real world presence, the importance of location and enhancing the use of OOH as a positive disruptive medium.
Kenyatte Nelson discussed how brands can make use of both the physical and digital space to better serve consumers and give them what they want and need. This was an idea supported by Paddy Nelson from Doddle, where the crux of their location-based business, “is to give people back time, which is a valuable commodity” and is an example of positively disrupting the landscape to create a useful service for their customers.
Nicky Bullard, Chairwoman at MRM Metrorite echoed this, saying “disruption is only good when it’s not interruption”, and urged brands to question how they can fit seamlessly into their consumer’s lives. “Something I would like to see in the future of OOH,” she continued, “are all billboards becoming interactive shop windows, where I can order something in my size with the touch of a button.”
Finally, Katie Dulake from TSB, gave her views on the importance of brands reinventing themselves, especially in the banking and finance sector where they face great competition from Fintech, saying “We [TSB] have a mission to be different and innovative,” offering customers services both digitally and face-to-face which Katie mentioned TSB’s younger customers still find important.