Virtuality can be close to reality in Renault's "Drive the Future" VR experience

Renault took a VR-experience to a whole new level in it’s new campaign.
Passengers on a flight were given a VR-device through which they could see the ‘future’, of them disembarking the plane upon arrival, with some very unusual events occurring as they walked through the airport. They are hit by a boy playing with a ball and pass a woman in red on the travellator, before they get into the new Renault model and are taken on a rollercoaster ride.
When they actually get off the plane, then same events that occurred in the VR film, happened in real life, much to the confusion of the passengers, before being taken on a real Renault test drive.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]jTOvtcunHoY[/youtube]
Via: Guerilla Blog