Unsuspecting foodies who ordered a McDonald's Maestro Burger star in their own personal opera

To show how the Maestro burger stimulates all your senses, TBWA created a prank with real people who are exposed to a truly epic experience- to surprise an unsuspecting person with a big serenade.
The serenade was orchestrated by a real maestro (Guido Dieteren), who translated every step and move of the McDonald’s guest to orchestral music. This exceptional piece of music builds up towards a huge climax: the first bite of the Maestro burger.
To show the audience that Dieteren was conducting music for unsuspecting guests ordering a delicious Maestro burger, hidden cameras were used to project the McDonald’s live video-stream in the orchestra hall and vice- versa. In addition, a normal film camera was hidden inside a cleaning cart, which was then pushed in closely on the unsuspecting star as they took that first special bite.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]59nYtRqBWiY[/youtube]
Via: We Film Netherlands