Traffic Lights Encourage Pedestrians to Leave Behind Compliments

Biscoitos ZeZe’s ambient advertising is used to foster a sense of connection in Brazil.

Brazilian cookie brand, Biscoitos ZeZe, has launched an ad campaign titled “Compliments at the Traffic Light” encouraging pedestrians to give each other compliments before crossing the street. Two stickers pasted on opposing traffic light posts by the brand ask the reader what they think of the person across the street.
The sticker offers six different compliments that the pedestrian can choose from by putting a magnet on their choice. Once pedestrians cross the street they can see the compliment they were given.
Biscoitos ZeZe’s has had a number of urban intervention ad campaigns similar to this recently that have encouraged real world connections. In February it had a campaign titled “Friendship On The Bus,” where branded stickers were placed on public transit buses asking riders to put away their phone and have a conversation with the person beside them.
Another example of this type of campaign was launched in April by the brand. “The Chair on Street” campaign encouraged neighbors to sit on lawn chairs placed outside their homes and share a snack, provided by Biscoitos ZeZe, and enjoy a conversation.
Brands today go to great lengths to associate themselves with specific feelings and work hard to forever be remembered as the creator of that feeling with customers. ZeZe Biscoitos is not only positioning itself as a brand promoting community, it is actively creating real-world connections and bringing people together giving the person directly involved and the viewer of the ads positive feelings of belonging and togetherness.
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ZeZe Biscoitos campaigns seek to associate feelings of connection with their cookies and snacks which they ultimately hope will drive customers in search of that feeling to their products.
Via: psfk