Tourism Victoria Uses Melbourne as a Playing Field; Live Streams Games

This campaign takes form as game, using a ball with a smartphone embedded in it, designed to be passed around Melbourne with the footage live streamed.
The games will take place through December and January and will be hosted by Melbourne Periscope star Adam Cinemre.
As Periscope is a two-way platform, audiences will be able to ask questions in real time and help guide the game play towards what they want to see in Melbourne.
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne interactive creative director Ben Keenan said the ball has been given an “access all areas” pass to the city of Melbourne.
“Periscope gives us a nimble way to show people anywhere in the world some of the most interesting, hidden and normally restricted areas in Melbourne,” Keenan said.
“The ball itself is a work of art and creates intrigue amongst all who see it – not unlike Melbourne itself. Play Melbourne Live is a first for the tourism industry and we’re so excited for Tourism Victoria.”
The ball was designed by Studio Periscope and has an open-source template for it available online, allowing other cities to join Melbourne’s game.
Tourism Victoria CEO Nick Foa said the campaign is reflective of the city’s early adoption of new technologies.
“Melbourne’s creativity and innovation is equal to the great cities of the world. This can be witnessed through its people, places, neighbourhoods and events,” Foa said.
“The Play Melbourne concept seeks to overcome Australia’s perception of over-familiarity with Melbourne by challenging curiosity, while at the same time providing global audiences with a taste of the cultural and creative heartbeat of the city.”
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