These Wisconsin billboards are so hot, drivers think they’re on fire

Billboards are designed to cause a reaction. Not necessarily 911 calls, but Associated Bank will take it.
Minneapolis agency Colle McVoy recently made some billboards for Associated Bank’s Green Bay Packers checking program, showing photos of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. The ads were outfitted with fog machines, to mimic the look of players exiting the tunnel into Lambeau Field. The fog devices are running Friday afternoon through Sunday throughout the Packers season.
There’s just one problem. Motorists are worried the ads are on fire, so they’re calling law enforcement. The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that county dispatchers have received “dozens of calls” erroneously reporting that the signs are burning.
Don Snyder, general manager of Lamar Advertising in Green Bay, tells the Press-Gazette that he’s working with the sheriff’s department to “prevent any confusion and let people know there shouldn’t be any concern.”
The police, meanwhile, seem resigned to the marvels of modern-day advertising.
“They’re well within their means with the local ordinances and what local laws allow on these billboards,” Captain Dan Sandberg of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department told Fox 11 News. “It’s probably something with technology advances that it’s probably something you’ll see more in the future, now that they have a system that works that way.”
Six of the boards are in Green Bay and Milwaukee and will be up until the end of the season.
Via: AdWeek