These Gatorade vending machines only take sweat

Vending machine stunts have become standard fare in advertising. We’ve seen Coke dish out free soda, flowers and even airplane trips to people in order to spread a bit of happiness, for example.
But now Gatorade, along with NFL pros the Mannings and JJ Watt are bringing a masochistic twist to the genre in the latest campaign for the thirst quencher. The brand set up vending machines at college campuses. It then trained hidden cameras on potential customers, who are surprised to find nothing come out of the dispensers after they dropped some cash. A custodian on site, played by Rob Belushi, son of Jim Belushi, then hints that they have to “sweat it to get it.”
For most, the head-scratching suggestion isn’t enough, so Peyton and Eli Manning appear to give some added tips, convincing kids to go berserk doing the running man, high knee kicks and more. Or there’s JJ Watt, who just knocks over or carries the machine away entirely from undeserving drinkers. (See the whole series on Gatorade’s Youtube channel.)
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]prPVUGsw-xA[/youtube]
The latest videos continue the “Sweat It to Get It” theme launched last year, with ads starring Peyton Manning and Cam Newton that punked unsuspecting customers at a convenience store.
Source: Creativity Online