The Tattoo Flyer With a Touch of Digital

At international tourism expos, competition to attract attention from foreign tourists is high—and most vendors still rely on flyers to get the message across.
So, the Tourism Authority of Thailand came up with a different way to ensure people walked away remembering them: The Tattoo Flyer, a series of temporary tattoos in a variety of styles that can be scanned like a QR code.
The Sailor Jerry-style tattoos were created with different personalities in mind—sophisticated, creative, street-style—so anyone could find something they liked. When scanned, they drive users to a series of videos that promote different aspects of Thailand.
Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign went live at the CITM Shanghai Expo in Thailand and, the agency claims, is responsible for a 42 percent rise in Chinese tourism directly after the expo. Tattoo flyers will be rolling out at other tourism expos in the year to come.
Video Below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]fDtWv4GYQcI[/youtube]
via: adweek