The Rise of the Tomb Raider in Times Square

Liquid Advertising, ad agency for Square Enix, and Out of Home America Wilkins Media (OOHA/Wilkins Media), the billboard’s experiential media producer, have created a 3D billboard at 52nd Street and Broadway, featuring a real Jeep Wrangler and evaporative, environmentally friendly snow in ‘blizzard conditions’.
Patrick Runco, Vice President, Executive Creative Director of Liquid Advertising told us “We’re all huge Tomb Raider fans at Liquid, so when Square Enix wanted to put together a giveaway to support the big PS4™ launch, we knew we had to create a big, vertigo-inducing outdoor scene to show off the prize Jeep. And it was a chance for us to have a little fun with the New York location, in that the Jeep is in a parking spot that maybe only Lara Croft could possibly get,”
Game publisher Square Enix is letting consumers enter a sweepstakes via social media to win a 2016 Jeep Wrangler.
Patricia Turosz, Vice President, Client Partnerships & Experiential at OOHA/Wilkins Media said “Lara Croft is subjected to extreme weather in the game — wind, rain, snow and ice — and must overcome a great deal to survive. We wanted to bring some elements of the game to life with this billboard in a unique and memorable way.”
Via: DailyDooh