The new London café where you pay by exercising

The pop-up café, called Run for Your Bun, was launched by the David Lloyd Leisure Group to encourage London’s office workers to get away from their desks at lunchtime and become more active.
Run For Your Bun offers a free lunch in exchange for a six-minute workout. The average office worker spends 90% of the working day at their desks, including lunch breaks, and with the rise of fast food delivery apps offering services straight to your desk, we’re in danger of becoming more sedate than ever.
Customers complete the six-minute micro workout under the guidance of the café’s personal trainers and then choose a complimentary lunch from the menu to eat in or takeaway. The quick ‘HIIT’ (high-intensity interval training) workout includes one-minute on a rowing machine, spin bike and treadmill, as well as 60-seconds of sit-ups, bodyweight squats and lunges, with 30-second rest periods between each exercise.
“According to our research, British office workers spend almost 90% of the working day sat down being inactive and invariably eating lunch at their desks,’ said Health & Fitness expert Elaine Denton from David Lloyd Clubs, “an issue compounded by the huge popularity and convenience of food and shopping delivery apps.”
“This week workers can be more active by visiting Run For Your Bun and get a free lunch on us in return. Importantly, the cafe isn’t in any way about encouraging people to ‘cancel out’ calories through exercise. Indeed, the micro workout at Run For Your Bun only represents a fraction of the calories contained in any of the lunch items.”
The lunch options at Run For Your Bun are inspired by the David Lloyd Clubs DLicious café menu launching in March.
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Via: The Resident and Campaign