The home of Santa Claus settles in Madrid

The home of Santa Claus has been installed by Coca-Cola in the centre of Madrid, the Real called Casa de Postas, just behind the clock from Puerta del Sol. At the impressive entrance, young visitors are welcomed by elves and are guided through Santa’s house. If you are an adult you are only allowed to enter if you are accompanied by a child.
In the first room, Santa Claus’s living room, a video call which is operated with an old looking phone, greets visitors. In this call Santa Claus apologizes for being unable to attend the meeting as he is very busy. Next, a wardrobe is moved to reveal a secret passage full of bricks that generate surprises by touching them. From there it goes to the toy factory where the elves receive letters from children around the world and prepare packages.
The tour is full of detail, carefully decorated and the children are always accompanied by elves in each room. They go to Santa Claus’s kitchen where they can decorate their own cookie which they can eat when finished. Then, another hallway where they get a small snack and are directed to the mailbox so they can send their letters to Lapland. The end of the tour is a surprise which is sure to draw a huge smile from the audience.
Santa Claus house is part of the Coca-Cola campaign #HazFelizaAlguien , where Santa Claus himself calls the children to wish them a happy Christmas. In the same campaign, the solidarity bottles of soda are served through an auction to raise funds for the Spanish Federation of Food Banks.