TAM uses passengers facebooks to personalise in-flight magazines

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of it’s Sao Paulo-Milan route, TAM Airlines recently wowed a flight full of passengers by using Facebook to learn more about them and creating a personalised in-flight magazine for each.
By integrating Facebook Connect into the ticket purchasing process, TAM was able to access the likes, preferences, social activity and even the photos of their guests to create a completely unique “Ownboard Magazine” with customised content from front to back.
When passengers boarded this special flight, they found a magazine in their seat-back pocket that featured a cover showing their face and their first name in big, bold letters.
Every single article, photo and advert in the magazine was geared towards the passenger’s personal interests and life experiences. For example, the inside of the front cover showed the passenger’s name turned into a colour, and one page showed a montage of interesting things that happened on the day they were born.
The idea behind this initiative was to show passengers how much TAM cares about them and understands them. Furthermore, TAM had previously observed that passengers spent only around 3% of their time on-board looking at the in-flight magazine.
The passengers seemed very happy with their magazines with 100% of passengers from that flight taking the magazine off the plane with them.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ZhbIQNtL8JE[/youtube]
Source: Airline Trends