DOOH Media Owners Deliver WWI Centenary Commemoration

On Monday 04 August, digital media owners came together to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of World War 1.
Hundreds of digital screens across the UK were involved in the ‘Lights Out’ vigil for an hour between 10pm and 11pm on Monday 04 August 2014. The simple yet immensely poignant creative highlighted a single candle flickering against a pitch black background, upon which ‘1914. We Remember.’ was written. All media owners worked within a restrticted time period, having received the artwork a mere 6 hours before it was due to go live throughout the country, a true testament to the immediate and impactful nature of digital out of home.
Media Owners who carried the campaign include Amscreen, blowUP Media, Clear Channel, Elonex Outdoor Media, Forrest Outdoor Media, Maxx Media, MediaCo Outdoor, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Primesight, RedBus Media and Signature Outdoor.
Those who were unable to carry the creative simply blanked out their screens as a means of commemorating the event.
Via: OMC