Posterscope launches SanPellegrino Weather Triggered #DOOH campaign

SanPellegrino have launched a locally targeted, weather-triggered, dynamic out-of-home campaign to bring the picture perfect Italian lifestyle to high streets across the United Kingdom.
Deployed by location marketing specialist Posterscope and media agency Zenith, the campaign for SanPellegrino’s sparkling fruit beverages uses real time data feeds to dynamically deliver relevant creative executions based on weather temperature, location and time of day.
Anitha Ilangovan, Client Director at Posterscope told us “This campaign uses location-marketing expertise to ad-serve relevant creative to audiences at the right time, in the right place. Using real-time weather data from both the UK and Italy, along with location based data and dynamic creative, SanPellegrino is able to bring a taste and flavour of Italy to consumers in an engaging way.”
The campaign portrays “The Life Deliziosa’, SanPellegrino’s manifesto to live surrounded by beauty, under a warm sun and the wonderful Italian setting. When the temperature falls or clouds appear, Posterscope’s Liveposter platform serves creative executions featuring the current temperature in SanPellegrino’s home town of Sicily and encourages viewers to imagine themselves in Italy. When the sun shines and temperatures rise, the messaging encourages people to soak up the sun in their specific location.
Olivia van Vredenburch, Brand Manager, International Brands, Nestlé Waters (UK), was quoted as saying “SanPellegrino sparkling fruit beverages capture the flavours, smells and sensations of Italy. We wanted to bring “The Life Delizosa” manifesto to the UK in a captivating way and by tapping into real-time weather and location data, we’ve been able to do just that – celebrating when the UK weather is good and sharing the Sicilian weather when it’s not so great.”
The campaign appears on Adshel Live and large format iconic digital sites in key UK cities until the end of July.

GORE-TEX® Launch Weather Activated OOH Campaign

Posterscope and Carat Edinburgh have developed an innovative Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign for GORE-TEX® that capitalizes on the nation’s obsession with weather and brings to life the technological benefits of their fabric ─ durably waterproof and windproof, combined with optimized breathability, which maximizes protection and comfort for the wearer.
The OOH, which forms part of a fully integrated ‘Experience the Difference’‘weather-themed campaign including TV, cinema, Mobile, VOD and online, comprises an innovative digital creative execution that amplifies the weather theme by reacting to the local weather conditions in real-time.
Using the Liveposter CMS platform, GORE-TEX‘s campaign will target consumers at multiple touchpoints whilst they are out of the home in both retail and roadside environments serving relevant messaging dependent on whether the weather is rainy, dry and windy or stormy.
Ian Southey, Comms Planning, Carat Edinburgh said: “We have worked to develop a strategic approach aligning the Gore-Tex brand with the UK’s well known obsession – the weather – and produce cut-through communications that solidify the rational brand benefits to create differentiation and stand out through the very thing that is at the core of Gore-Tex…Technology”
Cécile Nomdedeu, PR and Media Specialist Europe, at WL GORE said: “The Experience the Difference campaign is a multi-year investment which will keep our brand healthy and energised.  Running this innovative, high-impact media activity lets us tell new UK consumers our compelling story of great products, guaranteed”.
The OOH campaign which is appearing on Ocean’s Westfield Eat Street Site and Adshel Live runs across London from 19 October until 1 November.

Stella Artois Turn Tesco Smart Screens on when the Weather is Hot

We mined 3 years of met office weather and Stella Artois sales data and highlighted that the weather has a significant impact on sales.  Sales actually increase by 15% when the temperature goes above the norm for that month.
This provided us with the perfect activation insight to be live at a moment of heightened consideration.  In July this trigger is 23 degrees.  As such, we built and plugged in a bespoke platform to 400 Tesco smart screens across the UK which turn on Stella Artois Cidre advertising, across TV areas on days when this temperature  trigger is met.
The campaign which runs from the 30th June – 31st July will only display Stella Artois messaging at a point of heightened consideration, maximising relevance and minimising wastage.
Stella Artois are the first brand to use the network in this innovative way, leading the way in OOH communications.

Cheeky Holiday Ad Only Appears in Wet Weather

This clever campaign sprayed-painted Hong Kong streets advertising a deal to the sunny Philippines so that it only shows up when the pavement is wet.
The quirky advert, from airline Cebu Pacific, announces to dreary commuters: ‘It’s sunny in the Philippines’.
Created to coincide with Hong Kong’s monsoon season, when the city receives just 100 hours of sunshine in a month, the publicity stunt used ingenious technology so that it only shows up in the rain.

A waterproof spray was used to stencil the advert onto the pavements, making them invisible until wet weather hits, when water droplets roll off the sprayed surface, revealing the message.
The sunny advert was also accompanied by a QR code – known in this case as a ‘rain code’ – meaning commuters could scan the ground with their phone and get the latest flight deals to the sunny Philippines.

The advertising agency behind the stunt, Ogilvy & Mathers, said the monsoon season campaign saw 37 per cent more people logging on to the Cebu Pacific website to book discounted flights.

Tate Britain Art Campaign Adjusts to the Weather

Tate Britain is running a digital outdoor campaign featuring art that reflects the current weather and road conditions.
Tate will use real-time data to display travel conditions on Ocean’s Two Towers West, the two seven-metre high digital screens on the elevated section of the A4 Hammersmith Flyover. Images such as Turner’s ‘The Storm’ will be used to accompany Met Office forecasts of inclement weather.
The campaign, which was created by Liveposter in collaboration with Total Media and Posterscope, won the Creative Techniques category of Ocean’s annual The Art of Outdoor Digital competition, in association with Brand Republic.
Martin McCully was the art director behind the campaign and Christina Edwards and Emma Lamden were the copywriters. All work at the real-time outdoor specialist Liveposter.
Jesse Ringham, the digital communications manager at Tate, said: “Tate Britain’s showcase is a data driven campaign using hundreds of images from our extensive collection to re-engage with Londoners, visitors and international tourists.
“Different paintings, drawn from more than 500 years of British art, are automatically triggered across the two screens according to specific events or conditions such as the time of day, the traffic flow, the weather and flight arrivals.”
Dan Douglas, founder of Liveposter, added: “This campaign is a great example of a brand using data sets to create the most relevant copy for the moment and maximise their chance of engaging the audience.”
Ocean’s Art of Outdoor competition entries were judged by a panel of industry experts for their innovative approaches, including layering, augmented reality and data streaming.
The 2014 Art of Outdoor Digital competition opens for entries on 30 June.
Tim Bleakley, the chief executive at Ocean Outdoor, said: “This campaign is striking. The link between our screens as a live canvas to showcase the Gallery’s spectacular art collection reflects the dynamic capability of digital out of home.
“The matching of artworks to the out of home environment as it changes across the day is a fantastic concept.”
Via: Brand Republic