Weather-triggered billboards remind us that summer – and swimsuit-clad lifeguards – are coming

With the first official day of spring still nearly two months away, the studio behind the upcoming Baywatch reboot wants to remind viewers in some of the coldest climates in America that relief is (sort of) in sight, much like the lifeguards in the movie itself running in slow motion toward a beach-goer in distress.
In order to do so, Paramount Pictures and outdoor advertising company Lamar Advertising have launched a digital out-of-home campaign that changes in real time based on local weather conditions in 16 US markets.
The campaign creative is coded and programmed to pull weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website through an RSS feed. Each digital billboard reads the feed and determines which creative will run based on the current weather in that location.
That means passersby will see…
A general cold weather ad that runs when the temperature is between 1 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit:

A subzero/icy weather ad that runs when the temperature is 0 degrees and below:

A snowy weather ad that runs when snow is in the forecast:

Or a rainy weather ad that runs when rain/sleet is in the forecast:

Via: The Drum