Blocks's Smart Watch Offers Link between Wearable Tech and OOH

Blocks Developers are developing an open-platform, modular device.
With the aim of being fully customisable, the Blocks smart watch can be fitted with a variety of LED, E-Ink and touchscreen displays and software add-ons, including gesture control and GPS.
The watches will be able to be integrated with QR-code recognition and contactless payment, which means that they could be used to interact with out-of-home screens and advertising. The open source nature of the platform means that developers will be able to develop apps to integrate Blocks with other web-connected devices.
Via: Output Magazine

Summer Billboards Come With Removable Beach Towels and Flip-Flops

In New Zealand soft drink maker L&P have created some very clever advertisements reminding people to ‘hold on to summer’. The posters literally give away summer gear. Some of the ads are draped with removable beach towels while others have foam flip-flops that you can pry out.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]jehS6BXu1bA[/youtube]
Via: AdWeek