Gatorade create human figure made from 100% water

To launch Gatorade’s new electrolyte water G Active, Unit 9 and TBWA made a true-to-life water athlete, animated it in mid air, and caught it on camera.
The technical infrastructure was designed and built in less than ten weeks, bringing together more than 20,000 individual parts and custom-made components. More than 5,000 man hours were taken up in the design and build of the system.
The custom-made “rain rig” dripped water in complete sequence and harmony, to recreate the figure of a real athlete – in a liquid animation. Each unit contained 64 litres of water, with 8 units running at any one time – a total of half a tonne of water to bring the system together.
To make the water character true-to-life, they motion-captured a human athlete running, jumping and kickboxing. Data from the motion capturing informed the water rig when to turn its nozzles on and off.
A series of 2,048 switches turned the water pressure on and off – at millisecond intervals – triggering the droplets at exactly the right moment. We then used flash-lighting to illuminate and “suspend” the water droplets in mid air, with millimeter and microsecond accuracy for each frame. Meaning an entire layer of data was transmitted through the entire system in just a microsecond.
We had to take each frame and process it in two ways. First to squash it, to compensate for gravitational acceleration, and second to slice it. The data for each frame was stored in a controller unit and triggered by the camera.
To have the camera positioned at the right angle for the shot, the water rig was programmed to sync with our motion control team. Every time our motion control specialists set a camera sync and a flash, the water was dropped at that precise moment.
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Drink Up: PUR tackles water quality

Water quality has become a hot topic in the U.S., due to a number of recent water crises. That is why PUR Water filters is educating consumers about the source of their water.
Developed with agency Arnold Worldwide, the “Water Should Be PUR” integrated-marketing effort features national TV spots, online films, a digital experience and social media content.
“It has never been more important for you to understand what contaminants might be in your tap water,” says  Doug Harry, creative director, Arnold Worldwide. “Unfortunately, water quality reports are often difficult to track down and even more difficult to understand, so PUR decided to help.”
The interactive site encourages people to type in their home address and find a simple, easy-to-understand breakdown of data within EPA reports. The site also lets people follow their water from its source, to its treatment facility, to their home, all the while discovering if it’s been picking up contaminants: lead, mercury and chloroform
The “Water Bar” hidden camera ads are set in a New York City establishment called “The Water Bar,” where an actor posing as a bartender offers patrons water from different cities around the country.
As he tells them about the water they’re about to consume, the patrons are shocked to discover that water all across the country contains contaminants, even if it’s “within legal limits.” The spots then direct people to
The initiative is designed to get people talking about water quality because while safe-drinking standards might be good enough for the government, PUR wants consumers to be armed with the information they need to drink water that meets their own quality standards.
“The ‘Water Should Be PUR’ campaign takes real water quality data from all across the country and presents it in a way that allows you to easily understand what contaminants might be coming out of your tap,” says Harry. “PUR’s mission is to help you truly know your water, because in the end, water that meets safe drinking standards may not meet yours.”
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NIVEA Sunslide Educates on the Importance of Sunblock

South Africa has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer. Kids are the most vulnerable. They love playing in the water for hours but hate applying sunscreen.
On South Africa’s most popular beach, we introduced the SunSlide: the most entertaining way for kids to apply water-resistant NIVEA sunblock. One slide is all it takes to be entirely protected. 50 litres of sunblock were used to cover over 100 kids every hour. Families were educated on the importance of applying sunscreen in a memorable way. This experience strengthened NIVEA as the favourite partner for a fun and safe day at the beach.Agency FCB, South Africa
Video below:
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Buxton Water Creates Marathon 'Lane of Heroes'

On Sunday the 24th May Buxton Water hosted a ‘Lane of Heroes’ at the London Marathon, an 80-meter private track where runners were able to complete a portion of the race with their loved ones. Friends and family nominated their heroes to get a chance to run down the lane whilst their supporters were given access to the lane to show their support and engage with the runners. These runners had their photo taken to show off their ‘let’s do this’ spirit and these. Pictures were then published on Twitter, Instagram and also displayed across DOOH in underground stations near the marathon route, and on three large digital sites across London. The content was also sent to the runners post event for them to share on their own channels.
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Mineral Water Company Donat Mg Creates The World’s First Portable Royal Toilet

Donat Mg is a natural mineral water that has a favorable effect on digestion, relieves heartburn and other symptoms that come from magnesium deficiency. To raise awareness of these benefits, they took to the streets and came up with a very interesting concept. They would create the world’s first portable toilet that would make anyone feel like royalty.
They used various materials to create a small pop-up toilet that was almost completely gold. Before entering the royal throne, the person would be given a golden crown to complete the experience. Inside the bathroom, they would find everything they could possibly need. They would also find a small chest that would contain Donat Mg water.
The campaign was quite successful as over 2.9 million YouTube users watched the video from different target markets and the video itself was watched over 1.8 million times.
Video Below:
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Play this Vending Machine to get a Free Drink

For the Alfa Jazz Fest in L’viv, Ukraine, this past June, mineral water brand Borjomi and its agency, Banda, set up a publicity stunt inviting passersby to play a sideways keyboard in exchange for free product.

The video below shows some people eking out melodies and others banging out full-blown performances while crowds gather and cheer. If people played for long enough, they were rewarded with a free drink!

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Would You Dive into Freezing Water for a Free Samsung Galaxy S5?

To prove the water resistance of its Galaxy S5, Samsung ran a guerilla stunt where it dared people to jump into the freezing waters of Lake Zurich in Switzerland to take an underwater selfie.
People sitting along the lake were first approached by a scuba-diver, who handed them a ringing S5 phone. The caller on the other end would then dare them to jump into lake to take a selfie underwater.
Those that were game were given a free Galaxy 5 for their troubles. The stunt was created with help of Swiss communications agency Serranetga.
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Naturally Pumped Up With Buxtons

Following on from the success of Buxton’s activity around the Ashes last year, this campaign aims to reposition the brand as fun and energetic. Buxtons are asking the public to take part and tweet about what gets them naturally pumped up for the chance to win numerous prizes, including red letter days & an all-expenses paid weekend getaway to Buxton.
The campaign is running nationally across multiple formats including Transvision, Rail D6s and Roadside D6s throughout June.
LIVEPOSTER built and delivered the platform that allowed the tweets / imagery to be updated across the Transvision network.

HSBC and WaterAid Celebrate World Water Day with Interactive Water Display

HSBC and WaterAid have created an interactive water display in Canary Wharf that spells out supporters’ names to celebrate World Water Day on Saturday 22 March.
The water fountain, or Aquascript, spelt out the names of WaterAid supporters who had texted the word ‘everyone’ and their name to 78866 or tweeted their name using the hashtag #Everyoneeverywhere.
HSBC is WaterAid’s biggest corporate partner and its HSBC Water Programme, which aims to reach 1.1 million people in Asia and Africa with safe water, supported the Aquascript.
Oritsé Williams, a member of the band JLS, attended the Aquascript’s launch yesterday and his name was the first to be displayed on the wall of water.
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