Beko creates 'aqua billboard' to highlight new dishwasher's reduced water usage

Beko produced one of the most efficient dishwashers to date and wanted to make sure that everybody knows about it.
To illustrate first hand the dishwasher’s reduced water usage, Beko created a billboard made from only from epoxy (a material which looks just like water once dried up) and placed it in one of Istanbul’s most popular squares. The amount of epoxy used contained exactly that of how much the dishwasher uses in one load, highlighting its efficiency.
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#SaveWaterMirror helps reduce water waste

Colgate have devised a water-saving campaign which has been brought to life in collaboration with AZIMUT Hotels – one of the biggest international hotel chains in Russia. 
The educational campaign makes use of bathroom mirrors across the AZIMUT Hotel chain, revealing educational messages about water waste. The messages appear when the mirrors become steamy, thanks to anti-condensation substance and waterproof marker. They reveal facts around our use of water, one of the earth’s most valuable resources, and how to avoid wasting it. According to Colgate, wasting water is one of the major ecological topics facing the world today. The PMC report states that each of us wastes between 125 – 340 litres of water a day. Nevertheless, people don’t feel personal responsibility for this waste of the earth’s resources. To attract attention to this issue the #SaveWaterMirror activation was devised to coincide with ‘World Water Day’ on March 22 – an initiative launched by the UN in 1993 in order to attract attention to the world’s water crisis.
The campaign turnsed hotel mirrors into media, in a highly original way and reached an audience of 48 million in less than a month.
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