VW designed a baby stroller with automatic braking after a fans joke

Volkswagen Netherlands aired a TV spot in April in which VW owners had great expectations for their other possessions—including one mother who couldn’t understand why baby strollers don’t have automatic braking.
The automaker posted the ad on Facebook, and the most-liked comment came from a fan who suggested that VW actually build just such a futuristic stroller.
And so, VW did.
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Check out the video above, in which a joke from a commercial (by ad agency Achtung!) becomes a prototype in just a few short weeks. It includes a cameo from the Facebook fan himself, and also shows some humorous footage of the stroller in action.
Source: AdWeek

Volkswagen’s responsive bus back ad keeps accidents at bay

Volkswagen and AlmapBBDO have launched an interactive bus back ad to demonstrate how the car brand’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) technology benefits drivers on the road by ensuring you keep your car at a safe distance from the traffic ahead.  This campaign demonstrates to drivers who don’t have a VW how the techology works.
In addition to providing a distance reading, a warning would appear cautioning drivers on a risk of collision when their vehicles came in too close proximity to the back of these buses.
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Volkswagen create vending machine that takes old batteries as payment

Volkswagen created a unique vending machine in different parts of Russia that accepts batteries as payment, encouraging consumers to recycle their old batteries. The campaign named Think Blue, is focusing on the major issue of hundreds of millions of batteries being thrown each year in locations across Russia.
The Think Machine is a vending machine that accepts batteries as currency rather than coins or notes. Installed in different sites around Moscow, the machine allowed consumers to trade their old batteries for items that were obtainable at local community shops such as stress balls, bottles of water and t-shirts.
One of the machines collected over 8,000 batteries during its first month, which in comparison to a regular collection point in Russia, collects less than a thousand batteries.
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Source: PR Examples

Brilliant mobile augmented reality

Volkswagen Canada is using impressive large-scale augmented reality, consisting of several gigantic billboards and posters on bus shelters, to introduce the latest Beetle to Canada
.[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]KRA0SZhKNyo[/youtube]
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