Volkswagen creates the bowling brake to showcase braking speeds

Volkswagen wanted to make people aware of safety in a full and engaging way, so they headed for the local bowling centre.  In conjunction with agency Almap BBDO, Brazil, they created specially adapted balls with magnets inserted which ‘broke’ just before reaching the balls  bringing to life the speed of cars and the need to brake suddenly when driving in cities.
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Cinema pedestrian detection

Volkswagen showed off their latest pedestrian detection system when they decided to surprise moviegoers in Madrid. Anyone who turned up to the movie late would cause the movie to stop, a spotlight to appear on themselves and a noise simulating parking sensors bleeping until they reached their seat.

 The clever stunt interacts with audience, using the embarrassment of those turning up late to create humour while educating the audience on their latest technology. While some might not find this funny, the stunt draws attention to its ability to save lives and gives those that are late, a little taste of the annoyance that they cause on others.

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Volkswagen create vending machine that takes old batteries as payment

Volkswagen created a unique vending machine in different parts of Russia that accepts batteries as payment, encouraging consumers to recycle their old batteries. The campaign named Think Blue, is focusing on the major issue of hundreds of millions of batteries being thrown each year in locations across Russia.
The Think Machine is a vending machine that accepts batteries as currency rather than coins or notes. Installed in different sites around Moscow, the machine allowed consumers to trade their old batteries for items that were obtainable at local community shops such as stress balls, bottles of water and t-shirts.
One of the machines collected over 8,000 batteries during its first month, which in comparison to a regular collection point in Russia, collects less than a thousand batteries.
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Clever Volkswagen Ads Show You Can’t Look at Two Places at Once

To deter drivers from ‘text-driving’, Volkswagen—with the help of German advertising agency Grabarz Partner—has created a series of clever print ads.
Each ad features two tiny images that are widely separated by a line of text, which says “Try looking at both at the same time”.
Viewers would find it difficult to focus on both images, highlighting the message that Volkswagen hopes to bring across—that it’s impossible to focus on the road while texting.
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