The Football Machine

For the launch of its special Knacki FootBall – small meat balls that look like footballs – Herta placed a vending machine that offers these meat balls for free. But what people didn’t know, was that they had to play a match against the Belgian football legend, Leo Van Der Elst, inside the vending machine. Discover how people reacted when they found out that they had to play in the world’s smallest football stadium.
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Move Like a Pro to Score a Free Pepsi

As the World Cup draws nearer, football mania is starting to set in. Try out your football moves with the Pepsi #FotbolNow skills challenge. A vending machine challenges you to put your best moves to the test in order to score a free Pepsi.
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Milka Tender Vending Machine

psLIVE and Posterscope Iberia developed the ‘social vending machine’ for Milka’s ‘Dare to be Tender’ campaign.  Residents in five Spanish cities, Bilbao, Seville, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, exchanged ‘tender’ messages on Twitter using hashtag #porunmundomastierno in return for their favourite Milka chocolate bar.  The campaign also featured hostesses to encourage people to participate at the shopping malls, where the fully branded vending machines were located.
Over a five-week  period, more than 5,300 tweets from the machines were received.
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Coca-Cola Creates an Arcade Game Powered By Empty Plastic Bottles

To encourage recycling, Coca-Cola teamed up with agency Grey Dhaka to create an arcade game that is powered by empty plastic bottles.
Called the ‘Happiness Arcade’, it was placed in six different locations around Dhaka, Bangladesh, over a period of six days.
To play, users simply insert an empty plastic bottle into the machine, and it will boot a Pong-like video game.
According to the agency, they also have plans to expand this fun idea to different countries around the world.
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A Faulty Crying Vending Machine Highlights the Trauma of Domestic Violence

Russian ad agency Hungry Boys and social organization Who Cares?! have collaborated to create the ‘Helpless Machine’, a faulty vending machine that highlights the trauma of domestic violence.
Installed at Afimall City, a shopping mall in Moscow, the machine features a built-in display, vibration sensors and a screen with a smiling woman. When someone tries to buy a snack or beverage, it becomes jammed on purpose.
When men hit the machine in frustration, the woman on the screen starts to cry and become distressed to reflect abuse in real life. The machine eventually releases the item after being hit several times; by then the crying woman would have garnered attention from passers-by.
Statistics show that around 10,000 women in Russia die from domestic abuse, and this machine aims to raise awareness of that fact.
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Oreo Trending Vending Machine at SXSW

AUSTIN — An Oreo trending vending machine is a reality. Powered by Twitter, the machine allows South by Southwest (SXSW) attendees to create custom Oreo cookies, based on trending social conversations.
Users choose from 12 flavors and colors of creme. Using 3D printing technology, the machine assembles the unique Oreo in less than two minutes.
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Invisible Vending Machines Surprise Lovers on Valentine's Day

Not only do vending machines offer all kinds of products, including piping-hot burritos and crunchy salads, but they also come in all shapes and sizes. For Valentine’s Day this year however, Coca-Cola managed to create a truly original offering, in the form of an ‘invisible vending machine’ that only reveals itself to passing couples.
When the machine detects a passing couple, it lights up and asks them their names. After a short wait, complete with some visual entertainment, the couple are presented with a pair of cans complete with the names they just shouted out to the machine.
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Sony Sells Their Waterproof MP3 Player Inside A Bottle Of Water

For the release of their new underwater-friendly MP3 players, Sony designed an innovative product packaging that can attract and retain the attention of their targeted consumers. They call it the Bottled Walkman.
Sony sold the headsets immersed in a bottle of water, which instantly demonstrated its waterproof function. The headphones are designed to offer swimmers a way to listen to their playlists in the pool. To introduce the product to their intended audience, Sony sold the players in special vending machines at gyms and pools, making purchases as easy as buying a bottle of water.
The strong execution of this marketing stunt has garnered the attention of consumers, as well as the media.
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A custom-built vending machine for random second-hand books

The Biblio-Mat, created by a Canadian book store owner, is a vending machine built from an old metal locker than dispenses random used books for $2 each.  A nice idea that could be replicated using 6 sheets as dispensing units.
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Augmented reality, Facebook connected bus shelters

Intel used augmented reality face-tracking technology on 12 wrapped bus shelters to promote their new Ultrabook.  Passersby were invited to stand in front of a screen and choose from Medieval, Western and Kung-Fu themes by donning a virtual hat.  They could then take and upload a picture to the Intel Facebook campaign and enter a prize draw via a QR code. The campaign was planned and created by Posterscope, OMD, JCDecaux innovate and Total Immersion.
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Meanwhile in Covent Garden, Intel’s Project Monument drew crowds with its giant vending machine; dispensing free consoles, laptops and toys from yesteryear.  The event also included games and sports from our childhood.
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