Snapchat hypes Spectacles with quirky Snapbot sales channel

Snapchat will not be launching its new camera-equipped sunglasses Specs through shops but in a very limited number of vending machines, starting in Venice Beach in Los Angeles.
Dubbed Snapbots, the vending machines are visually striking and sophisticated, allowing browsers to see a picture of themselves with a virtual pair of Spectacles in order to pick one of the three colours (coral, black or teal).
On purchase, Specs will come fully charged and ready for making videos. They are designed to capture ten-second video clips from their wearers’ perspective and are paired with a phone by Bluetooth.
As expected, the Venice Beach vending machine sold out on its first day. Some Spectacles buyers quickly listed their pairs on eBay, priced at up to $1,000 (£795).
Snapbots will only be found in the US and Snapchat (which now calls itself Snap) has not commented on UK plans.
The vending machines will only be present in a location for a day at a time, and their arrival will be announced 24 hours in advance on
Specs cost $129 (£103) plus tax.
Snap Inc. has recently been promoting its Spectacles release with an OOH camapign across several cities.
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Hillshire Snacking introduces the World's Fanciest Vending Machine

To introduce Hillshire Snacking’s new line of premium snacks, VML USA set up a vending machine in a public place. And since Hillshire Snacking is a fancy snack, they decided to fancy up the vending machine too. By adding a butler. A real butler who served up new Hillshire Snacking flavors on a silver platter. Fans stopped, stared and enjoyed new Hillshire Snacking Small Plates which feature a variety of culinary inspired combinations complete with natural meats, flavorful cheeses, premium nuts, and savory crackers. All served from the World’s Fanciest Vending Machine. Because a fancy snack deserves a fancy snacking experience.
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Football Dispensing Vending Machine Powered by Fan's Cheers

Idea from Monroe Peru: To inflate the balls that would be used by the Peruvian team in the matches they’ll play in the qualifying games for the World Cup in Russia 2018, with the fan´s cheers. Execution At the Peruvian Grand National Stadium, hours before the selection plays the qualification match, UMBRO invited fans to inflate balls that that would be used in the match with their cheers. UMBRO´s machine detected the decibels of the cheers, converted them to pounds, which activated a compressor that inflated the balls in real time, which would then be taken directly from the activation to the field.
Video below:
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This 'Candy Kittens' Vending Machine Dispensed Tricks, Not Treats

One of the more ingenious Halloween pranks this year was executed by gourmet candy retailer Candy Kittens in Shoreditch, London. A seemingly innocent bright pink vending machine offering free sweets lured in passersby for a chance to get free products from the brand.
Little did they know, this vending machine dispensed tricks instead of treats. As each person attempted to reach for an anticipated treat, a dark, hairy, scary hand emerged out of the dispensing tray. This video catches all of those priceless reactions. Candy Kittens was able to execute one of the most hilarious Halloween pranks in recent memory, perfectly capturing people’s over-the-top and unrestrained reactions. For those who endured the scare, they were rewarded with a free treat.
Video below:
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JetBlue and Coca-Cola encourage people to share a little liquid humanity

The Share a Coke with Humanity campaign, a collaboration between JetBlue and Coca-Cola, aims to hearten people to share a little humanity and foster happiness.
The middle of New York’s Penn Station, a busy station filled with strangers, was the ideal location to set up a Coca-Cola vending machine for the day. There were about 150 different transactions and all of those came with something extra—an extra bottle of Coke.
Buyers were surprised upon hearing another bottle rolling down the machine. Once they got the bottle, they knew what had to be done. On the LCD screen of the vending machine, it said Share A Coke with Anybody and this is exactly what people did.
Hidden cameras documented the person’s reaction upon receiving another bottle as well as keeping track of how this person determines to give or not to give. Approximately 70 percent of the subjects shared their extra bottle of Coke with someone else.
Lucky winners were rewarded round-trip travel certificates courtesy of JetBlue’s services. The majority of the consumers was surprised and even got teary-eyed after realizing that good deeds are still rewarded.
“Good things come to those who share” were words boldly printed on the travel certificates. Let us all keep this in mind and do our part in restoring faith in humanity, even in the toughest of times”. JetBlue
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Pop-up vending machines shows real cost of cheap clothing

In a social experiment designed to draw attention to the people that make cheap clothes, a vending machine was set up in a public place advertising a white t-shirt for just 2 Euros.
Watch what happens next:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]KfANs2y_frk[/youtube]
When members of the public put their money in, the vending machine turned into a screen, playing a video highlighting the young, overworked, underpaid and unseen girls behind cheap clothing. The stunt focuses on one girl, Manisha ‘one of millions making our cheap clothing for as little as 13 cents an hour each day for 16 hours’.
The machine then asks the buyer ‘do you still want to buy this €2 t-shirt?’, offering instead the chance to donate that money.
It’s a clever donation mechanic and one that’s done well as shareable content (4m+ views and counting). According to this on the Independent, 9 out of 10 people donated rather than buying the t-shirt.
Fashion Revolution, behind the campaign, is an initiative created ‘to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future’.
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Volkswagen create vending machine that takes old batteries as payment

Volkswagen created a unique vending machine in different parts of Russia that accepts batteries as payment, encouraging consumers to recycle their old batteries. The campaign named Think Blue, is focusing on the major issue of hundreds of millions of batteries being thrown each year in locations across Russia.
The Think Machine is a vending machine that accepts batteries as currency rather than coins or notes. Installed in different sites around Moscow, the machine allowed consumers to trade their old batteries for items that were obtainable at local community shops such as stress balls, bottles of water and t-shirts.
One of the machines collected over 8,000 batteries during its first month, which in comparison to a regular collection point in Russia, collects less than a thousand batteries.
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Play this Vending Machine to get a Free Drink

For the Alfa Jazz Fest in L’viv, Ukraine, this past June, mineral water brand Borjomi and its agency, Banda, set up a publicity stunt inviting passersby to play a sideways keyboard in exchange for free product.

The video below shows some people eking out melodies and others banging out full-blown performances while crowds gather and cheer. If people played for long enough, they were rewarded with a free drink!

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]vPIEGFaioEI[/youtube]

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Cadbury's Introduce the World's First Flavour-Matching Facebook-Powered Vending Machine

To celebrate Cadbury’s wide flavor range and unique selection of sweets, Australia’s leading chocolate brand created the Joy Generator- a vending machine that dispenses chocolate flavors based on a person’s Facebook likes and interests.
Users simply walk up to the machine, sign into Facebook, and are served a free chocolate bar with a flavor unique to their personality. Customers then take a picture with their flavor in the brand’s social media enabled picture booth.
Users get matched up with one of twelve flavors. Those who register as energetic should expect to receive a “Crunchie” bar. For the exotic posters and frequent travelers, the “Turkish Delight” may be a better fit.
This experiential stunt created with Red Agency is part of Cadbury’s integrated brand strategy. The campaign includes a series of new packaging, outdoor activities, digital executions, engaging social content, and additional experiential activations- all of which communicate Cadbury’s dedication to flavor innovation.
The online profiles created by social media users demonstrate the diverse range of interests, beliefs, and perceptions that society has. Cadbury’s Joy Generator acknowledges those characteristics on an individual scale, and thus establishes strong emotional bonds with potential consumers.
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Coca Cola #salyjuega

To capitalise on World Cup fever and leverage Coca Cola’s partnership status as Fifa partner, psLIVE Spain brought the World Cup to the street using branded metro stations, a ‘footballers’ tunnel’, the sound of a cheering crowd and a live event involving an interactive vending machine which challenged the audience to demonstrate their football skills.
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