Dove: When You’re Smiling Installation

This is a simple little piece for Dove, activated at an awards night, where people would view themselves in a magic mirror which captured their smile and printed a photo only once the smile was big enough. Users were prompted ‘When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?’ to trigger the engagement before reminding each person that beauty is the reflection of yourself in the mirror.
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Via: Digital Buzz Blog

Magnum Ice Cream Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure in Amsterdam

To celebrate ’25 Years of Pleasure’ Unilever’s Magnum and JCDecaux Holland ran a campaign from the 21st to the 28th of May, giving people of Amsterdam the opportunity to redeem a free personalised ice cream!
To mark Magnum’s special occasion, JCDecaux fully wrapped a bus shelter and placed a hostess on site wearing a distinctive Magnum-inspired dress, to give out balloons and distribute special Magnum-Coins to intrigued passers-by.
Using these Magnum-Coins, passers-by could visit the Magnum department store that was right next to the bus shelter and create their own personalised Magnum ice cream.
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Via: JCDecaux One World

See Art From the Sky in Brazil

In Brazil, a new campaign for Unilever-owned ice cream brand Kibon features beautiful artwork on rooftops in a place called Morro do Alomeo.
Titled ‘Raise the Roof’, visitors and residents will then be able to see the artwork while on a cable car between the stations Baiana, Alemao/Kibon and Itarare.
The aerial exhibition is conceived by Open, the activation arm of agency Borghi/Lowe. Teaming ten local artists with local residents, a total of 22 artworks were designed on canvas, and later displayed on the rooftops of houses in the area.
It aims to bring not just ice cream, but culture, to the community, enabling residents to work together with the artists in a way where information and experience can be shared.
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