Celebrate the launch of ZTE's Blade V7 with a unicorn-drawn carriage.

Reality is boring, which might be why Three has embraced sheer fantasy, offering its customers the chance to ride in white and rainbow coloured horse (or should that be unicorn?) drawn carriages, or ‘Unicabs’ as Three calls them.
The Unicabs seat up to four people and was available in busy parts of London  for several days over October.
Monument saw them on October 26th, Southwark on October 27th, and Canary Wharf on October 28th, with the cabs operating from 7am – 11am each day.
The ‘cabs’ could be flagged down or participants could book the magical ride by tweeting Three. The event celebrated the launch of the ZTE Blade V7, which is available exclusively on Three, and aims to highlight the idea that the two companies are making magic.
Passengers will be able to try out the ZTE Blade V7 in the cabs, and can share their snaps and thoughts with #MagicTogether.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Y-sVPosWJhs[/youtube]