Milka Tender Vending Machine

psLIVE and Posterscope Iberia developed the ‘social vending machine’ for Milka’s ‘Dare to be Tender’ campaign.  Residents in five Spanish cities, Bilbao, Seville, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, exchanged ‘tender’ messages on Twitter using hashtag #porunmundomastierno in return for their favourite Milka chocolate bar.  The campaign also featured hostesses to encourage people to participate at the shopping malls, where the fully branded vending machines were located.
Over a five-week  period, more than 5,300 tweets from the machines were received.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]f_6b-nmUfdo[/youtube]

Vitaminwater #makeboringbrilliant

The Vitaminwater #makeboringbrilliant campaign aimed to promote awareness of the brand within growth markets. The idea was to take the ordinary, everyday and make it more exciting. At the Columbus Circle subway station digital screens displayed a “boring button”. When the button was activated, the screen revealed a funny clip that would brighten that person’s day. The call to action #makeboringbrilliant was supported through tv and online, asking fans to tweet @vitaminwater what was boring to them. Twitter would respond or tweet back at that person with a wacky image or video. Created by Posterscope USA.