NowTV Encourages Brits to go ‘Clothes-Free’ in London

NowTV are encouraging Brits to go ‘clothes-free’ as well as contract-free, by opening a naked sun terrace to mark the launch of the Now TV Combo, the UK’s first contract-free TV, broadband and calls bundle.
To accompany the mid August heatwave, Now TV have opened a nudist rooftop retreat with views looking over Parliament Square in Westminster. The venue opened on Tuesday 9th August, features include sun lounging areas, exercise equipment and an open-air bar!
The naked sundeck was created following new research from NowTV, which concludes young Brits as the ‘no strings’ attached generation, compared to there elders who are deemed ‘tied down’ in life.
The research revealed that on average, today’s under 30s are revealed to have had 38% less serious relationships, lived in 28% more countries and worked for 15% more organisations than those 30 years ago.

Gidon Katz, managing director of Now TV, said: “As a nation, it seems we’re increasingly avoiding being ‘tied down’ in life – which is exactly what Now TV is all about. With the Now TV Combo we’re offering people the freedom to get the latest and best TV, broadband and calls, all without a contract.”
NowTV is looking to open the rooftop on further dates this summer and will be holding a series of events and competitions, including on radio and social media.
This super fun and innovative campaign is bound to be a summer hit!
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Rock Hotel Leaves Smashed TV’s Outside Competitors to Show they are a Cool Alternative

Everyone is competing for corporate functions these days, including large hotel chains such as the Radison, Hilton, Marriot. When you’re a legendary live rock venue, how do you promote your business functions offering? By acting like a rock star. Strategically leaving smashed TVs outside of hotels which included messages directing people to the Triffid.
Video below:
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The Powerpuff Girls Soar Over Dubai to Celebrate On-air Return

Who remembers The Powerpuff Girls? If even the mention of the words ‘I, Moooojo JoJo’ make you smile, you’re probably in the right demographic to appreciate this (though you’re possibly not the target audience this time around…).
To celebrate the show’s on-air return to Cartoon Network after more than a decade, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup drones flew through the air, against the impressive backdrop of the cityscape, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]zFydsESJ3EM[/youtube]
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French Alps Transformed into House of Stark Insignia

To promote the new season of hit TV series, Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic enlisted snow artist Simon Beck to create the Stark family’s insignia on the French Alps.
Taking more than 13 hours and 64,800 steps, the artwork shows House of Stark’s wolf insignia and below the show’s famous tagline ‘winter is coming’. If you aren’t a fan of Games of Thrones, the Stark family ruled the chilly north and kept giant wolves as pets – it should make a bit more sense now!
Zai Bennett, director of Sky Atlantic, said: “Set in the alpine snow, having taken over 13 hours and covering 32.5 kilometres, Simon Beck’s amazing Stark sigil from Game of Thrones is the perfect tribute to a truly epic TV show.”
The artwork is truly spectacular and is just one of many PR stunts the network has done to promote the hit series.
The first episode of Games of Thrones season six will be shown on Sky Atlantic at 2am on 25 April – the same time that it airs in the US.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]2fHlSkFsjVk[/youtube]
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BBC Three is ‘Too Big For TV’

The 16th Feb marks a historic moment for the BBC as this is the first time in the world that a national broadcaster will be moving from a linear broadcast channel to online-only. The essence of this campaign was to demonstrate the merging of the physical and digital worlds which we brought to life in OOH through the combination of digital and static outdoor media and mobile amplification.
Specifically targeted to capture 16-24s who say they are bored more often than any other age group, we firstly used Posterscope’s proprietary planner tool to optimise sites against our audience. Different designs were then planned to run on the interior/exterior bus shelter 6 sheets based on capturing dwell time. The interior sites due to their positioning and from previous campaign learnings were then geo-fenced with mobile activity through a company called Sync Spot. This delivered exclusive BBC Three content in ‘moments of boredom’ across all screens and devices to create excitement and engagement around the launch.
This targeted campaign was implemented on a national scale with focus on key cities in the UK including; London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester.

OOH Countdown For All New X Files

X Files is back! And they are using a live countdown from Friday 5th Feb to build anticipation and excitement around Mondays highly anticipated revival of the classic sci-fi drama.
The TV series, which ran from 1993-2002, brings back original cast members Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Mulder and Scully, as well as some new faces.
The campaign will be running across a number of environments nationally, prompting the nation to tune into the launch of the new series on Monday night.
The digital OOH campaign will be live until 8pm on Monday across Rail, Underground, Mall and Roadside formats.
The first episode is set to air on Monday 9th February at 9pm on Channel 5. Let the countdown begin!

Fifth Lion Unveiled in Trafalgar Square Highlights That ‘Time is Running Out’ For African Lions

As part of TV channel Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week, a fifth lion sculpture has been added to the four already in place at Trafalgar Square, London. The installation, made of more than 500 clockwork parts, aims to communicate that ‘time is running out’ for Africa’s wild lion population.

The sculpture will remain in Trafalgar Square for a limited time, after which it will be auctioned off to raise money for the Big Cats Initiative.

According to this on, Lions were last month added to the endangered species list, with a drastic population decline of nearly 50% in the last twenty years.  The current population estimated is to be as low as 20,000 in the wild.

Agency Premier is working with National Geographic to stage the stunt, while Sketch Events created the sculpture. The lion follows Premier’s previous ‘T-rex autopsy’ work for the TV channel, which was featured on PRexamples here.

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Commuters Asked to Try their Luck in ‘Lucky Man’ Vending Machine Campaign

Stan Lee’s new TV show ‘Lucky Man’ starring James Nesbitt and his new hairline starts on Sky 1 tonight (more here) and in an experiential stunt to promote it, ‘luck’ (vending) machines were installed in London’s Waterloo, Manchester Picadilly, Birmingham New Street, and Glasgow Central.
With more than 3,500 lucky prizes split between them – ranging from chocolate bars to iPads and £1,000 – members of the public had to tweet a photo of themselves with #TryYourLuck.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]94DvmUwEa8w[/youtube]
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Outdoor Plus Appointed by BBC Worldwide to Host Interactive Public Vote on Digital Screens

Outdoor Plus broadcasts live Twitter vote on the audience’s favourite BBC drama and comedy characters.
BBC Worldwide has contracted Outdoor Plus to enable an interactive, real-time vote to mark the launch of BBC Store, the new digital service that makes it really easy for audiences to buy and keep and enjoy their favourite BBC programmes. The campaign goes live on 23 November.
The innovative campaign encourages people to vote, using Twitter hashtags, for their favourite BBC characters. The characters will be pitted against each other, with romantic heroes Poldark and Darcy going head to head, and comedy personalities David Brent pitted against Alan Partridge. Outdoor Plus screens will display, in real-time, which characters are winning the Twitter vote.
The digital screens will track and reveal the running scores at sites across London including the City of London Gateway and Vauxhall Cross, encouraging Londoners to take part in the public vote.
Grant Branfoot, sales director at Outdoor Plus, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with the BBC to host this exciting campaign, celebrating some of the BBC’s best-loved characters. Using digital screens in high footfall areas as a means of generating public conversation demonstrates the capabilities of DOOH beyond traditional advertising.”
Simi Murthy, Head of Brand Marketing on BBC Store said: “Social is a key channel for BBC Store allowing us to have a real-time conversation with our audience. It’s great to work with Outdoor Plus who understand consumers’ changing behaviours and are hungry to do more exciting and innovative things with digital media.”

People get Pampered with RFID

KPN, a provider for Internet/TV/Mobile spoilt consumers during their “All Inclusive weeks”. KPN treated passers-by in Amsterdam with a one day all-inclusive campaign. Hostesses on site distributed RFID bracelets that could be used at 5 different locations in Amsterdam, for people to get rewarded with 5 different treatments.
On Saturday 20th September only, people were pampered like never before. Each of the five locations selected for this media first campaign had a special tag on which passers-by could tap using a RFID bracelet previously distributed by hostesses to activate the rewards.
Location one distributed delicious Macaroons.
Location two distributed fresh fruit juices.
Location three gave people the chance to have their own personal assistant carrying their shopping bags to their next location.
Location four allowed people to enjoy a foot massage!
Finally, the fifth and last location gave people the incredible chance to have their very own private drivers bringing them back home… for free!
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