Godzilla Statue Unveiled in Tokyo

A massive statue of Godzilla has been unveiled in Tokyo’s midtown and was created to mark the Japan release of Gareth Edwards’ new blockbuster.
Functions of the ‘Godzilla’ statue,  include fire rays and a light show.
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Sleeping Drunks Become Human Billboards

Just like many people around the world, the Japanese like to let their hair down by having a drink or two—or in the case for some, one too many.
The result is drunk sleeping—people who get so intoxicated, that they end up sleeping on the streets.
To shame these drunks, ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and Tokyo bar chain Yaocho have teamed up in a campaign that turns these people into PSA billboards.
Called ‘The Sleeping Drunks Billboard’, the sleeping drunks are framed using white tape and turned into streetside human billboards. The hashtag ‘#NOMISUGI’ is used to caption them, which translates to “too drunk”.
When members of the public encounter these impromptu billboards, they are encouraged to capture them on Instagram—shaming these people into behaving better and to drink more responsibly.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]tBaoKVZVyMc[/youtube]
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IKEA Turns Tokyo Monorail into a ‘Party Train’

To celebrate the opening of a new IKEA outlet near Tokyo’s Tachikawa Station, the furniture giant converted the Tama Monorail Line into a “party train”.Lucky customers were selected via a raffle and were welcomed on board by IKEA staff, who played games and quizzes with them. There was even food and drinks, which contributed to the lively atmosphere.