OOH displays boost National Geographic’s Photo Ark campaign

Whether driving down the interstate, waiting at a train station, or visiting city centers like Times Square, consumers across the country were inspired by out of home (OOH) media featuring images from National Geographic’s Photo Ark – a bold, multi-year project aimed at saving animals at risk of extinction.

Amazon constructs the largest installation by an advertiser in Times Square

There’s a new giant structure in Times Square, but it has nothing to do with office space or condos. The 79-foot (or seven story tall) structure is an Amazon Echo of sorts—it’s attached to a billboard as part of the company’s new campaign touting the streaming capabilities of Amazon Music.
The massive effort, which is essentially a model of the Amazon Echo, isn’t interactive, but does have LED lights to make it look functional. The build also breaks Pepsi’s record set in the 1940s for the largest ad build in Times Square, according to the company’s agency partners Outfront, Rapport and Traction 3D.
“Our goal is to increase awareness for Amazon Music,” said Josh Fein, head of partner and brand marketing for Amazon Music. “To highlight one of our unique and innovative Alexa voice features, the lyrics search functionality, we chose iconic lyrics that promoted positivity and togetherness through the power of music.”
Added Fein: “One of our inspirations for the campaign was John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s billboards in Times Square featuring lyrics from their new song, ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over).’ Their campaign amplified the fact that music lyrics can speak volumes, and that the right song, at the right moment, can connect with large groups of people.”
“While our ‘Music Unites’ campaign is in 15 cities across the U.S., U.K., and Germany, we knew that Times Square had to be a centerpiece. We’re excited to have the largest advertising installation in one of the most widely recognized places in the world.”
The billboard Echo has a 22-foot circumference and weighs more than seven tons. It will be in Times Square until June 25.
Via: Ad Week 

Netflix takes over Times Square with 'thrillboard' to promote the new season of Santa Clarita Diet

To promote the launch of its new zombie-comedy starring Drew Barrymore, Netflix has used a number of multiscreen billboard ads that see Barrymore ‘climb’ in to adjacent ads to literally ‘kill’ the competition.
The Netflix show features a dark plotline with a playful twist on the decaying zombie genre. It follows Sheila (Barrymore), and her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant), as they work on adapting to life in Santa Clarita after Shelia becomes undead and starts craving human flesh.
The ‘Thrillboards’, created by Doner LA, show Barrymore climb out of her own ad into other nearby ads when her hunger for human flesh strikes. She then happily returns to her screen with a limb of an unfortunate victim.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]_ryHMgkLPRE[/youtube]
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Artist Triggers Contagious Yawn in Times Square and Beyond

It’s a simple but brilliant idea – show the face of a man yawning and you might just yawn yourself. This is the idea behind Sebastian Errazuriz’s new installation in Times Square, A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps. Each night in January, from 11:57pm to midnight, Times Square’s digital billboards will show a continuous yawn on a loop.
Advertising screens fill with an omnipresent head looking dawn from the skies to the people passing beneath. Since yawn are contagious, the masses of people looking up at the screens will inadvertently feel like they will have to stop and yawn. As the yawning masses move through the city, they’ll now unconsciously carry their contagious message with them, spreading this moment of pause throughout the city.
Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, said, “The beauty of Sebastian Errazuriz’s piece is its attempt to induce a contagious moment of calm and pause at the otherwise bustling crossroads of Times Square. That juxtaposition is sure to be powerful for all who have the chance to see it. We will see how the largest digital display of yawns in history will affect the city that never sleeps.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]8QswjDQtqaE[/youtube]
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Dining Atop a Billboard with MasterCard

Savvy New York food lovers know that Times Square eats are to be avoided at (mostly) all costs, but what about dining atop a Times Square billboard? Lucky diners were able to buy tickets for $50 each starting July 7 for the Mastercard dinner series atop the H&M billboard in Times Square this summer, which featured a specialty menu prepared by chef Marcus Samuelsson (of Red Rooster fame) for nightly dinners between July 16 and August 2. All of the proceeds from the ticket sales went to Stand Up 2 Cancer, and the goal was to raise $4 million for the charity organization.
“I’ve had several people in my life diagnosed with cancer in the last few years so this issue really hits home,” chef Samuelsson told The Daily Meal. “I thought it was a pretty clever idea to dine 25 feet above Times Square in the name of cancer research, and I’m looking forward to making a flavorful meal featuring the freshest and healthiest of ingredients.”
The sky-high menu featured fresh and seasonal dishes, including smoked salmon summer roll and cornbread, tomato watermelon gazpacho, miso-grilled sea bass with mushroom and corn dumplings, lime coconut curried chicken, and waffles with ice cream and strawberry jam for dessert.
The OOH was executed by Posterscope USA
Via: The Daily Meal

Times Square Transformed Into Larger-Than-Life ‘Oreo’ Adventure Land

New York City’s Times Square was transformed into a giant ‘Oreo’ adventure land in the latest stunt for the ongoing ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign to introduce the world to the wonders of ‘Oreo’.
In celebration of the iconic cookie’s 100th birthday, an animated 90-second spot made use of the giant billboards surrounding Times Square.
Pedestrians were stopped in their tracks as larger-than-life characters leapt and swum across buildings, sharing the wonder and magic of ‘Oreo’ cookies and dunking them into milk.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]86433349[/vimeo]
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Times Square Billboard Racing Game

Hyundai created the world’s largest iPhone controlled racing game in New York’s Times Square. Users downloaded the Hyundai Race  app to get a turn to control the car on a giant digital billboard using their iPhone.  Following the race, gamers’ scores appear on the billboard.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]awd-vORN7dQ[/youtube]
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