Thorpe Park unleashes 'undead' billboard to promote Fright Night season

Comms agency Taylor Herring has subverted out of home advertisers by making commuters wish they were tucked up safely at home, by anchoring the living dead to an ad installation in East London.
A bizarre bit of experiential marketing for Thorpe Park is helping to promote two Walking Dead mazes based on the long-running AMC show. The attractions will be unveiled as the show hits its 100th episode In October, tying in with the Fright Nights season.
The billboard was reportedly soaked in over 50 kilogrammes of animal organs and entrails to shock passersby. It is unlikely the gory ad format will be widely adopted by the industry but it inarguably provides a not-so-subtle alternative to online adblocking.

The installation, which is mounted on a truck, will tour London henceforth. Some of the zombies got free from the billboard taking to the streets with sandwich boards and golf sale signs.
Dominic Jones, divisional director, at Thorpe Park Resort, said: “Fright Nights is Thorpe Park Resort’s biggest event of the year, and we’re hugely excited to bring the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead to our visitors.
“Each of the two specially built mazes are absolutely terrifying and are definitely not for the faint hearted.”
The show provides a lot of room to play with in the outdoor space. Now TV in the UK ran a particularly strong prank utilising zombie CCTV in petrol stations. Further to that Sky ran an interesting VR bus stop to scare commuters.
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Derren Brown Behind Creepy Victorian 'Living Dolls' Giving Commuters the Shivers

The life-size twin sisters popped up at commuter hotspots across the capital as part of a stunt to promote Brown’s psychological ride set to open at Thorpe Park.
Commuters in London have been given a fright in the form of two spine-chillingly scary Victorian ‘living dolls’ – courtesy of TV trickster Derren Brown .
Two-life-size-Victorian-style-dolls-shocked-Londoners-this-morning (1)
The two life-size Victorian-style dolls shocked Londoners this morning as the creepy pair popped up at commuter hotspots across the capital.
But, thankfully, the terrifying twins weren’t harbingers of doom.
It was in fact part of a stunt to mark the launch of the world’s first psychologicaltheme park ride, created by Brown and coming to Thorpe Park next year.
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The realistic 4ft 7ins dolls were spotted at venues including Charing Cross Tube Station, Oxford Street and Regent Street, where they were seen carrying toy dols and pushing an empty 1900s-era pram.
Two-life-size-Victorian-style-dolls-shocked-Londoners-this-morning (7)
Several commuters voiced their confusion and horror on social media, before Thorpe Park revealed the truth behind the girls’ appearances.
Brown said: “The theme of Victoriana is ever present in my work and you will see glimpses of this in my new attraction.
“I believe we are moving toward a future where theme park attractions not only give you a physical experience but also play with your mind and the concept of what is real.
“The Victorian twin dolls, who have popped up around London this week, are just a taster of what my new attraction has in store for visitors to Thorpe Park next Spring.
“I look forward to the public unwrapping the clues of what’s to come – all is very much, not what it seems.”
The twins, reminiscent of The Grady sisters from horror film The Shining, are part of a week-long marketing plan, which will see the living dolls roaming high footfall commuter areas across London.
Two-life-size-Victorian-style-dolls-shocked-Londoners-this-morning (2)
A specially-commissioned team of tailors spent three weeks creating their white corsets and pallid doll masks, which conceal the faces of two 10-year-old sisters.
The Thorpe Park team announced the Derren Brown attraction in October, which resulted in worldwide media coverage and speculation about its form.
The announcement was paired with a series of images of the renowned mentalist’s mouth sewn shut – hinting that he has been sworn to secrecy on the details.
But the latest activity provides the first clues to the nature of the ride.
Two-life-size-Victorian-style-dolls-shocked-Londoners-this-morning (3)
The Derren Brown experience will be the world’s only fully immersive psychological attraction, designed to manipulate the human mind.
Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of THORPE PARK Resort, said: “Following the announcement of Derren Brown curating our new 2016 attraction in October, we have had many enthusiasts try to unravel our closely guarded secret.
“From theme park enthusiasts trying to access the site to fans sneaking into the backend of our social media accounts to look for scheduled posts.
“So due to demand and interest in our largest investment to date we have released our next clue, The Victorian Twins.”
Construction on the new attraction has already begun and is shrouded in secrecy.
Two-life-size-Victorian-style-dolls-shocked-Londoners-this-morning (5)
The company has, however, revealed that the footprint of the new experience will encompass 2,306 square metres and will involve a team of over 1,000 specialists from the resort’s Magic Making Creative Department, as well as external experts.
Visitors to the experience will embark on a 13-minute journey.
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