Amazon surprises customers in 'motorised' coffee shop stunt

Thinkmodo sure loves its cafés.
The stunt-based viral video agency had an early hit with 2013’s “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” in which a girl surprised unsuspecting patrons with some freaky telekinetic superpowers (to promote the horror movie Carrie). They also did a Spider-Man coffee-shop stunt earlier this year.
Now, Thinkmodo returns to a New York City coffee-shop setting for “The Grand Tour Café,” in which patrons once again get a big shock—this time in a good way. Because those aren’t your regular chairs, couches, coffee tables and ottomans.
Yes, it’s an Amazon prank promoting the return of its original motoring series The Grand Tour for Season 2 on Dec. 8. Thinkmodo tells us the video has over 2 million total Facebook views in 24 hours.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]aJ9XruZm_Hg[/youtube]
Via: AdWeek