The selected artists of #TheUltimateCanvas have been chosen

The selected artists of Primesight and Talenthouse’s creative initiative #TheUltimateCanvas have been chosen, with their artwork set to be displayed on billboards at prime locations nationwide.
Primesight launched #TheUltimateCanvas with Talenthouse, a creative collaboration platform and community of artists across art, design, fashion, film, and music, to give creatives around the world the chance to see their designs brought to life across Primesight’s 400-square-foot canvasses seen by thousands of people every day.
The original designs of five artists were handpicked by a panel of judges from the advertising and media industries. The selected artists’ designs will be showcased for two weeks on out-of-home (OOH) owner Primesight’s 96-sheet billboards, the UK’s largest OOH format, at five sites across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol.
The selected artists are: Victor Figuerola from Zaragoza, Spain; James Keefe, Leeds, UK; Sophie Moates, Norwich, UK; Taravat Niki, Rasht, Iran; and Julie Potter, County Sligo, Ireland. A sixth design by Aya Kitano, Kokubunji, Japan, also received the Popular Choice Award for the most-shared design across social media.
Chris Forrester, Managing Director of Primesight, said: “#TheUltimateCanvas creative invite has highlighted the creativity and scale achieved by outdoor advertising. We have been overwhelmed with the number and quality of creativity submitted through our partnership with Talenthouse and have chosen selected artists from across the world to have their artwork displayed across the UK’s biggest cities on OOH’s most striking sites.”
Paul Sambrook, Business Development and Marketing Director at Rapport and one of #TheUltimateCanvas judges, said: “There was some wonderful creative work but there were two common denominators in the five that I picked: the simplicity of the design and the fact that it made me feel something.The most effective advertising creates an emotional response and either builds or refreshes existing memory structures. But at its simplest level, advertising needs to get noticed. All five of these designs achieved that, taking full advantage of the impact offered by a 96-sheet canvas.”
Commenting on the selected artists’ work, Maya Bogle, Co-Founder of Talenthouse, said: “Talenthouse is determined to provide a home for creatives from all disciplines around the globe. This partnership perfectly demonstrates how we can provide a huge platform for  creatives to have their work seen by a mass audience using opportunities that empower and reward.”

Primesight launches #TheUltimateCanvas for the creative community

Primesight has partnered with Talenthouse, the creative collaboration platform and community of artists across art, design, fashion, film, photography and music, to offer the world’s creative community the chance to showcase their artwork on coveted media space in the UK’s biggest cities.
#TheUltimateCanvas will see artists, designers, illustrators and photographers go head-to-head to create original artwork for Primesight’s 96-sheet billboards, the largest of the out-of-home formats.
Five selected artists will be chosen and each will be showcased in one of five sites across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. A panel of judges from the advertising and media industries will make a decision on the best designs by the end of May. The panel includes Andy Tilley (CSO, Talon OOH), Mel Harvey (Creative Lead, Saatchi Masius), Nicola Thompson (Director of Media, Estée Lauder), Glen Wilson (Managing Director, Posterscope), Richard Jacobs (Marketing Director, Kinetic), Paul Sambrook (Business Development and Marketing Director, Rapport), Mark Craze (Chairman, OMC) and Chris Forrester (Managing Director, Primesight).
Selected artists will have their designs seen by thousands of people every day for a period of two weeks. In addition, all artwork will be showcased in a global gallery amplified across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest under the #TheUltimateCanvas.
Primesight is encouraging creatives around the world to take full advantage of the panoramic format and arresting visual impact of the 96-sheet, which is 40 foot long by 10 feet high – though the open nature of the competition will offer creatives complete freedom when it comes to their design.

Chris Forrester, Managing Director at Primesight, said:

“#TheUltimateCanvas is an exciting opportunity for experienced or fledgling designers after a challenge. Our 96-sheets have the ability to make a statement like no other classic poster site – and we’re looking forward to discovering beautiful, original artwork that will make entire cities stop in their tracks.”

Maya Bogle, Co-founder of Talenthouse, said:

“At Talenthouse we’re helping brands to open doors to the world’s creative communities where artists of all disciplines can have their work developed, supported, mentored and showcased in the most innovative ways. Advertising platforms like Primesight are taking an innovative approach to unlocking their story by partnering with Talenthouse.