Absolut transforms the streets into an interactive exhibition

ABSOLUT wanted to establish its new ethos with the statement, ‘THE FUTURE IS YOURS TO CREATE’ in association with the launch of their unique tagline, ‘TRANSFORM TODAY’.
Posterscope USA worked with ABSOLUTE on a tease and reveal campaign to turn  a neighborhood’s everyday surroundings into an ‘Open Canvas’ where the creative community was able to convey the transformative power of art. More than twenty celebrated emerging contemporary artists transformed ordinary features of North 6th street in Brooklyn (Williamsburg), New York, into an extraordinary immersive and participative experience as part of ABSOLUT’s Open Canvas initiative. From wind art to crocheted fence tapestries and digital projections, the co-created interactive art exhibition celebrates the first iteration of ABSOLUT’s TRANSFORM TODAY™ global campaign, a movement inspiring creative risk-taking amongst today’s creative class.