Fortune tellers offer basic health checks to encourage the Thai public to visit their doctor

Many Thai people aren’t aware of their illness until it’s too late. The statistics show that there are less than 2% of Thai people who get an annual health checkup. However, they do like to go to fortune tellers when they want to know about their lives and health, as it forms part of their spiritual beliefs. It is also more affordable than going to a doctor.
The Thai Health Promotion Foundation saw the importance Thais give to fortune tellers as an opportunity to educate the Thai people on the benefits of a basic health checkup. As a result, the first-ever fortune teller booth that offers basic health checkup was established. With the discovery by medical experts that we can basically check our own health by looking at our hands, face and skin condition, similar to the way fortune tellers use for reading people’s fortunes. This knowledge enables Thais to do health checkups at home, creating an initiative for them to visit the doctors.
You can view the video here.