Three creates ghostly cinema at UK's most haunted village

Telecoms brand Three hosted a ‘cinema for ghosts’ on Friday 31 July at the UK’s most haunted village – Pluckley in Kent.
The Watercress Woman of Pinnock Bridge was among the ghosts in attendance
The open-air cinema was built in the shadow of 11th century ruin, St Mary’s Church. The brand brought medium Pauline Mason on board for the stunt, who invited guests from the Other Side to watch a screening of Three’s new spoof horror picture.
Mason said that apparitions in attendance included 18th century highwayman Robert Du Bios, who haunts the nearby Screaming Woods, the Watercress Woman of Pinnock Bridge, the Red Lady, who wanders the grounds of a church yard, and an unknown man in a long robe and hat.
She said: “This is the first time I’ve invited spirits to a cinema that’s been created just for them. The concept might sound silly to some people but it was incredible to feel such a strong energy and presence at the screening.
“I believe there were several spirits in attendance and drawing closer, which we were actually able to monitor using electromagnetic field.”
The supernatural screening took place to premiere Three’s new #makeitright horror-themed short film featuring the LG G4 smartphone, inspired by The Blair Witch Project
Lianne Norry, director of brand and communications at Three, added: “This short film sees us take a phone review to the next level, to not only showcase the great benefits of the LG G4 on Three but also to entertain and catch the attention of the audience, with something completely fresh and new. For that reason we wanted to premiere it in a weird and wonderful way and what better way to do this than with the world’s first film screening for ghosts and ghouls.”
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O2 Erects Giant Blank Canvas that Transforms into the Milky Way at Night

An outdoor installation on Clapham Common looks like a blank canvas by day, but at night the 26ft by 16ft artwork transforms into a bright blue depiction of the Milky Way galaxy.

The magical transformation is sparked by 200,000 UV crystals that only glow in the dark and the installation is designed to drive passers-by to visit a microsite with a 360 degree vista of the Milky Way, where visitors can win a Samsung Galaxy S5 on O2.
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Telefónica Signs JCDecaux Street Furniture M2M Deal

Telefónica has announced it is partnering with outdoor advertising company JCDecaux to develop a range of M2M solutions.
The Spain-based operator said it will bring “enriched connectivity” and “new digital features and experiences” to JCDecaux’s municipal information devices, digital screens and self-service bicycle stations in Europe and South America.
For example, Telefónica said its M2M technology will enable the transmission and reception of pre-recorded or real-time advertising content on digital screens.
Municipal information messages can be delivered through remote management features, which will save out-of-home advertising companies “significant” maintenance costs due to the continuous data flows reporting the status of the displays.
Meanwhile, remote tracking data is available for shared bicycle schemes, such as the one in Paris, which the two companies said would help companies and public administrations to save significant costs in unit losses and maintenance.
A February report by Juniper Research predicted that the installed base of cellular M2M devices will approach 500 million modules by 2018, thanks to decreasing chipset prices.
According to Telefónica, there are more than four million active M2M cards in France, where JCDecaux is based.
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