New Ubiquitous and Proxama partnership sees Beacon-enabled Taxis across the UK

Ubiquitous Taxis and Proxama the mobile proximity marketing expert, have announced an exclusive, long-term partnership to create a network of beacons in the UK’s black taxis, enabling messages to be delivered direct to an engaged audience experiencing times of dwell.
The network will connect consumers to brands via their smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons. The partnership will plan to install up to 4,000 beacons into taxis in London and other major cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham, meaning that passengers can receive context-relevant messaging, as they travel to their destinations.
During the course of one year, each London taxi is estimated to make around 4,500 journeys, principally around central London locations, rail stations and London’s airports – similar journeys are experienced in other UK key cities. London’s regular taxi users tend to have high personal income, are smartphone and tablet enabled and are likely to be middle-management and above – in short, a very desirable group and one which brands very much seek to reach. This new beacon network represents an opportunity not only for Ubiquitous’ clients to send contextually relevant messages to passengers’ smartphones, but will be relevant to all app-based clients seeking a beacon network that engages with high value consumers, across a long dwell time.
Andrew Barnett, Managing Director, Ubiquitous comments: “Being the first company to put beacons into black cabs at scale is consistent with our innovative track record and I am delighted to be working with Proxama who are quickly establishing themselves as pioneers in this market. For all brands, the opportunity to connect with their customers through proximity marketing, in a high dwell-time setting such as the back of the cab, provides a unique one-to-one moment in which there is the time to respond to messages and offers.”
Based on data from their existing beacon networks, Proxama anticipate that 24% of consumers that receive ‘in-the-moment’ content-relevant notifications will click-through to the app. This is a significantly higher response than other forms of mobile advertising.
Jon Worley, CEO of Proxama marketing division comments, “This is an excellent high profile partnership for us and one which we believe is extremely well suited to proximity marketing. The average cab journey lasts around 20 minutes in London and is a natural time for people to engage with their smartphone for messages and new content. We look forward to seeing the customer reaction. Our network of beacons has grown rapidly across London since the beginning of the year. Advertisers are now able to make use of the Proxama Network which covers London buses, airports and black cabs, with further expansion planned across multiple sectors.”

Verifone Media launch geo-targeted and day-part digital tops

To showcase their new technology and format, Verifone Media have launched a self-branded campaign called ‘#HelloGEO’ on their DigitalTops. The two month campaign will run in 39 separate geo-zones across London’s Zones 1-3, and the creative will  say ‘Hello’ to the specific area that the screens are running through. Some of the geo-fenced zones are as localised as being down to the street the cab is driving on, or the landmark it is riding by; e.g. Oxford Street, Bond Street, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. Each zone will have day-parted creatives: saying Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening.
The campaign will run over two months, on all of the DigitalTops across the Verifone Media network. The aim is to fully showcase the incredible flexibility that the DigitalTops serve on geo-targeting, and day-part messaging for potential clients.
Not only does the campaign demonstrate the technological brilliance of the format, the top quality of the LCD screens, and the simplicity of the reporting; but it’s a fun way for media folk and consumers alike to get involved as well, as the hashtag #HelloGEO means that any cabs spotted across the 39 zones, can be photographed & put up on social media platforms; Twitter & Instagram.
Verifone Media’s Marketing Manager, Lucy Couillaud, commented on the campaign, “The team here is really proud to be bringing this integrated targeted campaign onto the streets of London, which highlights the flexibility of the technology. We are really interested to see what the campaign delivers, and look forward to reporting our findings on the number of plays at this level of targeting and day-parting, back to the market. It’s truly enjoyable being at a company that is so focused on the future of taxi.”
Live campaign and post-campaign support, including photographic reports, posting reports and digital performance monitoring, will be reported back to the market post campaign.

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