Pet adoption campaign has surprising fix for a tattoo of your ex's name

A new campaign by Brazilian pet retailer Petz addresses the dilemma of what to do when your relationship ends, but your ex’s name is tattooed on your body.
Agency Ogilvy Brazil invited people who wanted their tattoos removed by a professional to come to Sao Paulo-based tattoo studio Tattoo You, and then surprised them. Instead of removing the tattoo, the tattoo artists came in holding a cute dog wearing a tag with the same name as the ex-partner. The message is this: why not adopt an abandoned dog, give them the name, and you’ll never have to explain your tattoo again?
According to the agency, the stunt came as a complete surprise to all the people in the film and one, Debora Santana, has agreed to adopt the dog.
The campaign was created to highlight the issue of abadonment in Brazil: News Agency on Animal Rights ANDA estimates that there are over 30 million stray animals living in Brazil alone, of which 10 million are cats and 20 million dogs.
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Bulleit Bourbon creates a billboard crafted completely from tattoo ink

Los Angeles will have a little more ink following the introduction of a new tattoo art installation in LA’s Silverlake neighborhood. The mural was created as a kick off to the Bulleit Frontier Works project. This is the first piece in a series of projects Bulleit will commission to celebrate and unite the thriving creative collaborator community in Los Angeles and beyond.
The tattoo, which features Bulleit Frontier Whiskey’s iconic label alongside dozens of LA-inspired tattoo designs, was crafted by 24 tattoo artists who are locals of the Los Angeles area. The artists who contributed are people who have made a serious impact on the LA tattoo community. Each artist was given a section of the installation’s canvas to design and as a result every illustration carefully portrays Los Angeles in a way that is unique and personal to each artist. The sign took the tattoo artist over 90 hours to design and create.
To celebrate the installation, Bulleit hosted a party to thank the artist for their support and contribution to the tattoo industry.
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Clever Peel-Off Tattoos on Posters Show That Removing Them is Easy

The Canadian agency MacLaren McCann has come up with a brilliant way to advertise for a tattoo removal service.
As many people think that tattoo removal will be difficult, the agency decided to address this perception by placing posters of ‘tattooed’ people on walls.
These ‘tattoos’ were actually vouchers in disguise—passers-by could peel them off and they would get 50% off tattoo removal.
Watch this ingenious idea in action below:
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