Cinema-goers receive a chilling shock

Arrow Film’s gave those visiting Vue cinemas on the 15th March a chilling shock when they placed a fridge in the cinema foyer which contained a live head to promote their new  release ‘The Voices’.
This innovative OOH activation, which brought to life the key themes of the film,  formed part of a larger campaign which involved traditional OOH − 1,000 phone kiosks − TV, social media, student-focused targeting, postcards and press.
Jon Sadler, Arrow Marketing Director said;  “We were very excited about the proposal and wanted to add in an experiential element to the campaign and create some theatre around the release and found the unique concept and the cinema foyer setting to be very compelling” Jon Sadler.
Gabby Masters, planner at Posterscope added; “For a dark and original comedy like ‘The Voices’, we felt that there was a real opportunity for OOH to deliver a solution that was completely unique in the OOH space and something that would drive increased engagement for our social media savvy, 15-24 year old audience.  Tapping into some of the key themes and scenes from the film, the ‘fridge’ experiential stunt – which took place in Cinema foyers – did just that, delivering a surprising and hilarious interaction with our core demographic that would undoubtedly help to create additional buzz in the social space.
The campaign was planned and executed by Target Media, Posterscope and psLIVE.   Following the activation, the fridge will be re- positioned at the Hackney Picture House (sans actress) for two weeks with film memorabilia inside.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]PgcYyfRzLTQ[/youtube]

Al Murray on the campaign trail

Posterscope and Target Live booked a targeted 96 sheet ‘campaign’ for Avalon this week in South Thanet, timed to go live for Al Murray’s arrival as he and his team got on the campaign trail in the local area on Tuesday.  The South Thanet campaign, consisting of a single 96 sheet, is now creating buzz online and in the press following political candidate and comedian Al Murray’s photo stop in front of the site.  At point of writing, the Facebook image has received 4,905 likes, 263 comments and 719 shares on Al Murray’s Facebook page, as well as appearing in a number of  national press articles.