Posterscope and psLIVE host Ad Week Europe Session

Now in it’s fourth year in Europe, Advertising Week is a hybrid of inspiring thought leadership, entertainment and events that celebrate the industry and its people. Across 5 days Adweek 2016 involves, 220+ events, 28,450 attendees, 200+ seminars & workshops, 10,100+ delegates, 735+ speakers and 465 press. Posterscope and psLIVE are both holding sessions.
Posterscope: Monday 18th April 12pm IPA Stage
Storytellers Will Rule the World
In this session…

Come and see some of the best content creators talk about how they would use digital out-of-home (DOOH) to tell their stories. The audience then vote to decide who wins £100k of DOOH media to bring their ideas to life.
With a single network spot on digital out-of-home reaching as many people as watch Gogglebox, it is not surprising that advertisers are increasingly turning to this channel to deliver their brand communications. This is reflected in the growth of DOOH which, this year, is expected to account for 45% of total OOH revenues.But what about content? What does compelling and engaging content look like on this exciting and evolving new channel? Well quite frankly we don’t know so we thought we would ask some people that might.
Come and watch the digital content creators talk about what they would do with digital OOH and we will provide £100k’s worth of digital OOH media space to bring that content to life.
  • Julian Linley Editor-in-chief, Digital Spy, Hearst
  • Sam Baker Co-founder, CEO & editor,, The Pool
  • Gizzi Erskine British Chef & Award Winning Food Writer
  • Kate Thornton Founder & Editor-in-Chief,

psLIVE: Tuesday 19th April 10am IPA Stage

How Smart Cities Will Transform Advertising

In this session…

How people experience and interact with their cities is changing:
We’re on the cusp of a movement where cities will begin to respond to our needs in real time. Cities will become responsive spaces: identifying the immediate needs of its citizens and giving them something they need at a time and place they most need it to enrich the quality of being human in the urban landscape.
Join experiential innovators to hear how Smart Cities will change the face of advertising as we know it.
  • David Adam Founder & Principal, Global Cities
  • Zanine Adams Head of Events & Business Development UK, London & Partners
  • Michael Brown Managing Director , psLIVE UK
  • Paul Davies UK CMO, Microsoft
  • Richard Harris Communications and Marketing Director and Solution Director, Xerox
  • Helen Marriage Lumiere Festival Creator & Founder, Artichoke

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The DailyDOOH Media Summit

The DailyDOOH Media Summit kicked off the conference part of London Digital Signage Week well and it all began on a high note with an amazing turnout of 153 senior executives within the industry…
The DailyDOOH will be writing about some of the speakers and their comments over the next few days, so keep checking their website for more info.
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