Ferrero gives fans opportunity to get personalised kinder Scokolade

To increase brand love and encourage sales of Germany’s most favourite chocolate treat in the pre-Christmas season, Posterscope Germany and Ferrero implemented an engaging and interactive campaign.  Fans could upload their photo portrait onto the Ferrero website and in return receive a personalised pack of kinder Schokolade with their portrait on the front for them to take home.
The activity was supported by a multi-format Out of Home campaign.  In addition to roadside billboards in the Top 10 cities, which featured multiple creative executions of kinder Schokolade, billboards at Point of Sale and branded busses, an eye catching giant digital screen in a highly frequented location in Berlin was utilised.  The digital screen which was located just above the photobox broadcast live the photos as they were taken.
The simple but engaging event performed extremely well with the PhotoBox working to capacity. Despite rainy weather and low temperatures, kinder Schokolade fans were content to wait up to 45 minutes for their personalised kinder Schokolade package. Approximately 3500 personalised packs of kinder Schokolade were distributed and 2300 photos broadcasted live and in real time onto the digital landmark.

A Sweet Idea From MCS

Queen’s University Students in Belfast were reminded that their ‘future is sweet’ with local recruitment company, MCS, who installed a special bus shelter wrap outside the Students Union in May. The fully wrapped shelter featured a wall of removable sweet treats to help hungry students get through their exams and their last few weeks of term. Passers-by were invited to take a snack and a photo against a special ‘selfie frame’, which was incorporated in the creative. The campaign had a call to action to upload pictures to twitter using the hashtag, #MCSSweetFuture which ensured entry into a competition to win an iPad, wearable tech or a TV! The branded wall was fully re-stocked with confectionery each day during the campaign.
The campaign was planned by Ardmore Advertising and PML NI.

Pop up Skittle Store Lets You Pawn Unwanted Gifts For Sweets

I’m sure that the majority of people have received a Christmas present and thought secretly ‘that’s going straight to the charity shop’. It’s become such a social phenomenon Harvey Nicholls even created a Christmas advert that honed in on people’s facial expressions when receiving an unwanted gift.
So it’s no surprise that a brand has created a PR campaign around unwanted Christmas presents.
Wrigley-owned sweet brand Skittles opened a pop-up store in Toronto, Canada from the 26th till the 30th December 2015, allowing visitors to swap unloved Christmas gifts for the sweets.
The ‘Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop’ was situated on Queen Street West and was fronted by a comedy character called Dale the Dealmaker.
The public were encouraged to bring in any gifts that they fancied pawning for Skittles, even those that were not a Christmas present. The store particularly encouraged the swapping of novelty gifts such as Grandma-knitted sweaters and stuffed animals, however branded merchandise, food, drugs, weapons and pictures of your private parts were not accepted – seems reasonable no?
You may be wandering what is Dale’s role in this. Visitors of the pop up store were encouraged to barter with Dale to agree upon how many bags of Skittles their item was worth, ah now you can see the fun side.
Like with the majority of PR stunts, charity is always mixed in to make it more credible to the media/public. All items received by the brand were donated to the Goodwill ReUse centre in Toronto’s Scarborough district.
For those not in the area over the festive season, Skittles launched a digital campaign to accompany the activation. Fans of the brand could head to a dedicated microsite to see how much their unwanted items were worth in Skittles, but never actually received any sweets.
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This 'Candy Kittens' Vending Machine Dispensed Tricks, Not Treats

One of the more ingenious Halloween pranks this year was executed by gourmet candy retailer Candy Kittens in Shoreditch, London. A seemingly innocent bright pink vending machine offering free sweets lured in passersby for a chance to get free products from the brand.
Little did they know, this vending machine dispensed tricks instead of treats. As each person attempted to reach for an anticipated treat, a dark, hairy, scary hand emerged out of the dispensing tray. This video catches all of those priceless reactions. Candy Kittens was able to execute one of the most hilarious Halloween pranks in recent memory, perfectly capturing people’s over-the-top and unrestrained reactions. For those who endured the scare, they were rewarded with a free treat.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]oWO9vf-ipGE[/youtube]
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