42 Below Vodka launches sustainable soap from its cocktail lemons

42BELOW vodka has launched the world’s first soap made from recycled cocktail garnishes, keeping you both clean and environmentally aware one cocktail at a time. The recycled cocktail lemons eco soap is the world’s first soap to be made from recycled cocktail lemons, and perhaps the odd martini olive.

How on earth does this work?

42BELOW have partnered with a number of bars across Australia and New Zealand to collect their used lemons that once featured as hero garnishes in delicious cocktails. Once collected, the lemons are sent to 42BELOW’s top-secret lab and made into liquid lemon soap that is then returned to the bars free of charge.

Launching this December, the Kiwi vodka brand has already collected around 400kgs of fruit waste, which resulted in production of 20,000 sachets and 400 bottles of liquid soap. This equates to around 3,200 cocktails!

Aussie bar goers can now wash their hands and their conscious at the same time. We recently had a sample delivered to our office, and we are all fans of the lemony goodness, which is only topped by the slogan “wash yourself today with some of last night”. Here’s a video of how the good folks over at 42BELOW turned your garnishes into soap.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]HPBADYm44lQ[/youtube]

Via: DrinksWorld

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