Subway's #LiveFeed donates meals to those in need in real time

Subway donated 13.3 million meals to charities around the world as a result of its global campaign to fight global hunger on World Sandwich Day.
The Subway Live Feed campaign, which was created by J Walter Thompson Sydney, ran in 60 countries globally and saw sales at the 40,000 contributing restaurants increase by up to 20%.
Subway partnered with local hunger-relief charities for the global real-time, data-led campaign which saw a meal donated to charity for every Sub purchased on World Sandwich Day on 3 November.
The campaign tracked the donated meals in real time through the Subway Live Feed digital ticker, which drew data from Subway’s point-of-sale devices to create both a global and country-specific live tally of the meals Subway was donating.
The tally was also displayed on individual country microsites, digital banners and outdoor billboards around the world, including 42nd street in New York City. Social media and PR were also used to drive awareness, along with staff engagement, influencer marketing and local area promotion.

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Toys'R'Us Pops Up with a giant Etch-a-Sketch

Toys”R”Us has placed a larger-than-life Etch A Sketch in the most unlikely of places: right above the busy Fulton Street subway station in New York City.
The retailer unveiled the massive Etch A Sketch in lower Manhattan over the weekend, where it remained until Thursday, October 12th.

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Metros Station in Oslo Transformed into Times Square

Last Tuesday commuters in Oslo had an unexpected journey to work. The entire Nationaltheatret metro station had been transformed into bustling Times Square subway station in a campaign to promote Norwegian Airlines low cost, nonstop flights to New York.
Agency: M&C Saatchi, Stockholm
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]gXSQ95Yc4UM[/youtube]

New York Subway Riders Shop on Amazon whilst on the Underground

Amazon has become the first advertiser to use the large digital kiosks on the New York subway that originally displayed maps of the city’s transit system as digital pop-up stores to drive sales of holiday gifts.

Amazon’s activity is running on 100 digital 47-inch screens in 12 major hubs in New York, including Grand Central Station, Union Square and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Collectively, the kiosks target 1.2 million riders per day.

Half of the screens are placed on subway platforms and the other half are near entrances and high-volume areas. Creative content on Amazon’s ads differs between the two areas: Ads in the mezzanine area focus on branding while promos near trains drive sales.

The digital screens are swipe-able and let consumers browse through a curated list of electronic holiday gifts from brands like Samsung, Sony and Belkin. Each item can be tapped on for more information, which also pulls in real-time pricing.

After finding a product they want, riders can scan a QR code or send a text message or email and receive an link, where they can buy the gift from a smartphone once they’re above ground.

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Brand Manager Puts Product to the Test, Cleans & Eats Off the Floor

How far would you go to prove the effectiveness of your product?
For Bissell Canada senior brand manager Ravi Dalchand, he decided to go all out by cleaning the floor of a subway station and proceeding to eat pasta off it. He even takes a piece of bread to mop up the remaining sauce.
This stomach-churning demonstration was created to promote Bissell’s new ‘Symphony All-in-One’ hard floor steam cleaner.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]NHznDFD3V3k[/youtube]
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Subways Target Commuter-Consumers

In a bid to tap into the huge, and growing, market of consumers in transit, new initiatives in both London and New York are set to introduce retail spaces into underground railway stations.
In London, transport organisation Transport For London has teamed up with UK pop-up specialists Appear Here – a group that facilitates connections between temporary locations and retail brands – to open up unused station space to retailers keen to launch pop-up shops.
Appear Here will be curating the seasonally themed spaces at different sites across London Underground’s network, changing the theme around every 12 weeks. With a similar strategy to London’s BoxPark pop-up mall,participating brands will be given a white box-shaped space to work with.
Old Street, Piccadilly Circus and Baker Street are among the first stations earmarked in the programme, with spaces being advertised to retailers from the end of April 2014.
In New York, transport organisation the Metropolitan Transit Authority has announced a project dubbed TurnStyle that will bring retail spaces into the city’s underground network.
The first site planned for renovation is the subway station at 59th Street – Columbus Circle, where 30,000 sq ft will be transformed into an underground shopping mall of 30 stores. The space will target the 90,000 commuters who use the station every day, and will open in 2015. Participating retailers are yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, a rollout of smaller TurnStyle kiosks will be installed in other stations.
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A Fake LEGO Subway Station Pops Up In Milan To Promote ‘The LEGO Movie’

Put up by Ninja Academy, this fake subway station seems to have taken the place of the Cordusio station in Milan, Italy.
This 3D installation looks like it is made out of LEGO bricks and promotes the release of The LEGO Movie. Next to it is Emmett, the movie’s protagonist—he is holding a sign that says, “Save Creativity”.
This mysterious station popped up in the middle of the night—we wonder if anyone has mistaken it for a real subway station.
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‘Subway libraries’ encourage reading-on-the-go

Students from Miami Ad School developed a smart concept that allowed people to read the first ten pages of popular books whilst riding the subway. Using NFC technology, commuters selected the desired book from a list of popular titles, read the first ten pages, and when finished were informed of the closest library location where they could access the rest of the book.
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