Derren Brown Unleashes Demon in Prank to Promote Ghost Train VR Attraction

Regular readers will know Derren Brown is one of my three favourite famouses in the world. As such, to say I’m excited about his Thorpe Park Ghost Train is an understatement, combining two of my great loves – theme parks and… well, him.
Having already sent creepy Victorian dolls out among members of the public to promote the virtual reality ride, the illusionist has now unleashed a ‘demon-type creature’ – one of a number of characters in the experience’s 10-15 minute story line, apparently in a bid to test reaction to it.
The video below shows the creature terrorising the theme park’s staff, reactions thankfully captured on hidden cameras (usual cynicism as to legit nature of prank reactions applies but STILL).
The demon took special effects and prosthetic artists three months to create, having been designed by Derren for the new attraction.
The new attraction, which has 12 multiple journeys and two endings, will ‘provide a thrilling mix of exhilarating live action sequences, 4D special effects, grand-scale illusions, next generation technology, and physical transit, leaving visitors to question where perception ends and reality begins’.
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Aston Martin £1 Million Car Flies 300 Feet Over London

Ahead of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship, which is scheduled for this weekend (Sunday 17th April), Aston Martin has teamed up with property developer Mount Anvil to get fans excited.
On the 12th April the car manufacturer airlifted a £1 Million 2016 V8 Vantage GTE Challenger, over 300 feet into the sky by crane onto the 31st floor of a Canary Wharf skyscraper.
The chosen destination, Dollar Bay, is Mount Anvil’s dockside, 31 storey, crystalline glass tower, which overlooks the financial district of London.
The stunt launched the partnership between Aston Martin and Mount Anvil, with the brands stating the companies will engage in what has been coined as ‘knowledge-sharing exercises’ throughout the racing season.
Two drivers from Aston Martin carried out a practice change over, this practice run is crucial ahead of Sunday’s race and presumably a first for the drivers who completed this maneuver 300 feet above London.
Video below
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]8jEFcODItoM[/youtube]
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Braintree's #AcceptAnything Food Truck Visits East London

Braintree, the mobile and online payment company, will be bringing their #AcceptAnything Food Truck to three locations in East London this week… Pay with a light saber battle, fist pump, or do a cartwheel, whatever you do, they’ll accept it in exchange for a Bistro Box from the infamous Street Kitchen. Why? Because Braintree lets you accept anything: Paypal, Apple pay, cards and whatever’s next. And for one day, they wanted to ask: what if we really did accept anything for payment?
The #AcceptAnything food truck will be in these places:
Central Working Shoreditch: Tuesday 5th April, 12-3pm (6-8 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4BX)
WeWork Moorgate: Wednesday 6th April, 12-3pm (1 Fore St, London EC2Y 5EJ)
Huckletree (ALPHABETA): Friday 8th April, 12-3pm (14-18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1BR)
This campaign was created by Havas media, psLIVE and Posterscope.

If You Run Fast Enough Past This Reebok Ad, It Unlocks a Free Pair of Sneakers

Sneaker brands are fond of running challenges, and they can make for some cool ad stunts.

Asics has done this for years, running outdoor ads that challenged people to race against a digital image of U.S. marathoner Ryan Hall, and also getting runners to try a treadmill from hell set to a marathoner’s pace.

Now, Reebok is getting into the fun, too.

Last weekend in Stockholm, the brand put up an outdoor ad equipped with a built-in speed cam and tracking technology to measure pedestrians’ pace. Anyone who ran past the ad faster than 17 kilometers per hour (about 10.5 miles per hour) unlocked a brand new pair of ZPump 2.0 shoes.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]bXDCJQqodj0[/youtube]

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South African Tourism to Unveil Giant Vending Machine Experience

South African Tourism is to launch a new experiential campaign featuring a giant vending machine in London tomorrow (24 February).

The stunt has been designed to promote the value for money South Africa can offer British holidaymakers. It will land in Waterloo for two days from tomorrow and is set to relocate to King’s Cross from 1-2 March.

The interactive vending machine will quiz players on the cost of experiences available in South Africa, with multiple choice answers provided.

The prizes, which will be dispensed regardless of whether the consumer got the answer right, have all been designed to showcase the diversity of experiences available in the country, and include biltong, a surfboard and an inflatable kayak.

Additionally, every passer-by that interacts with the machine will be entered into a competition to win a pair of flights to South Africa, courtesy of South African Airways.

Developed with agency BD Network, the activation aims to showcase the ‘favourable’ present exchange rate between the pound and rand. A social media campaign using the hashtag #RollingInRands will amplify the experience.

Tolene van der Merwe, UK Country Manager for South African Tourism, said: “We’re investing in this campaign to demonstrate just how much further your money goes. When on holiday in the country, you really are more valued in South Africa.”

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Amsterdam Airport Baggage Car Gets Lost in Antwerp

A baggage car from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol gets lost like a tourist in Antwerp. It’s an advertising stunt for Schiphol because “Schiphol, is closer than you think.” Especially for people in Belgium who are accustomed to depart from Belgium Airports. The baggage car is driving through the main square, attracting all kinds of attention. The Dutch driver goes around asking how to get to Schiphol. Some people were helpful with instructions.
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TECHO “Pop Up Slum” Stunt to Raise Awareness

Shockingly, a quarter of the world’s urban population–863 million people–live in slums, but they’re so far removed from us that the reality of life in a slum is easily ignored.
Luckily there are organisations who are working to improve the conditions of life in slums. TECHO, based in Latin America, is one such organisation. For just $3,000 they will build a house in which a family can call home for up to 40 years. That’s a life-changing impact for the cost of a daily coffee for ten people over three months.
To draw attention to their cause, TECHO decided to bring the cramped, unhygienic conditions of slums to New York. What followed was a typical slum home, recreated inside a Manhattan apartment. Real life house hunters were duped into believing they were visiting a genuine flat for rent. They were met by a volunteer posing as a realtor, who showed them the abhorrent conditions. Naturally the visitors were shocked at what they saw.
The resulting video went viral online, particularly on Facebook, where it notched up half a million views.
It’s the latest in a trend of campaigns that brings the unsuspecting public into face-to-face contact with a social problem; last year the fake gun shop ‘Guns With History’ caused an internet storm with a similar technique.
The power of the Pop Up Slum is its convincing and easy call to action. The site users are invited to click through to is impactful; with powerful imagery and a simple call to action. If enough people follow that action, more Latin Americans could be calling a house a home.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]s0bKRWYTi0g[/youtube]
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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: Haunted Open House

To promote the release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Paramount Pictures staged this “Haunted Open House” stunt.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]P7a6vxxZdtQ[/youtube]
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Becks surprises passengers waiting for baggage at Frankfurt Airport

German beer brand, Becks, surprised travellers at Frankfurt Airport with a crate of beer on the luggage belt. This refreshing PR stunt was designed to celebrate the launch of three new types of beer Amber Lager, 1873 Pils and Pale Ale.  It transpires that, due to alcohol restrictions,  the beer is not genuine but it still created a high buzz amongst social media with the waiting travellers posting onto facebook and Twitter.
Source: Horizont

Delightful Stunt Shows a Billboard Cleaner Controlling a Wiper with ‘Magic’

To promote the Quebec City Magic Festival back in August, Montreal-based ad agency lg2 came up with a delightful little stunt that perfectly fit the magic theme.
In the ‘Magic Mop’ stunt, a billboard cleaner appeared to control a wiper that was floating through the air with telekinesis. The clever display of ‘magic’ certainly got passersby and motorists interested, eliciting smiles and laughter.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]A8drYv8U5WE[/youtube]
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