EasyJet plays on spontaneity with “Take off immediately” stunt

The idea behind Easyjet’s concept was really to play on spontaneity. With a teasing campaign on Facebook and an ePanel installed at the Geneva and Basel train station, EasyJet invited fans and travel enthusiasts to join a live contest that would take place between 4pm and 5pm at the train station.
Participants had to come with a friend, their luggage, their passport and the EasyJet App on their smartphone ready to take off to a surprise destination in Europe.

About 300 people joined each of the 4 events hoping to win one of the 5 free weekends, including a flight and hotel, offered by EasyJet. Participants could register directly on the ePanel to participate in the prize draw. Every 10 minutes, the winners, the destination and the departure time were displayed on the screen after a countdown full of suspense and enthusiasm. The winners were immediately invited to check-in for their flight before heading to the airport. 

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Rexona scare shoppers in their ‘Believe In The Invisible’ stunt

A walkway that ‘falls’ underneath customers at Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney is at the centre of a new campaign for Rexona’s Invisible Dry range.

The campaign was launched over the weekend with a stunt by digital content agency Mindconsole.

The activation used a 4K Oled screen, sound effects and motion sensors to make it appear as if the ground was collapsing – startling the public as they walked over it. The stunt was filmed on 10 cameras and will be used as digital video content.

“Everyone responds differently to external stimuli so we needed to ensure multiple senses – sight, sound and motion – were considered,” said Ratcliff, managing partner of Mindconsole.

According to John McKeon, marketing manager for Rexona, the latest stunt is the first part of the ‘Invisible’ campaign, which will continue to show how the product protects consumers from marks, stains and sweat.

As part of the campaign Rexona has also released two 15-second global TV spots which see a man and a woman going about everyday life by travelling or walking on invisible objects.

The new work also introduces Rexona Men Invisible Dry Fresh to the Australian market following its success in the UK.

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New ‘Rings’ horror movie PR stunt scares unsuspecting shoppers

If any of you have seen the original ‘The Ring’ movie, there’ll have been that one scene that stuck with you.
To promote horror sequel ‘Rings’, the team behind this memorable ‘Carrie’ stunt in 2013 have gone back to their prank-y ways, using that scene as the basis for this new stunt.
The set-up is simple. After being given a bit of sales patter, potential customers  in a New York City electronics shop were left alone by an assistant. There’s also a ‘win a free TV, today only!’ sign on the wall that looks like it might have been used to entice people in.
The same actress who played the terrifying little girl then came crawling out of a hidden compartment behind a TV’s screen, scaring unsuspecting shoppers.
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E.ON Italy ‘freezes’ historic building in Milan to highlight energy waste

M&C Saatchi Milan has created an innovative campaign for E.ON Italy, aiming to increase the energy company’s presence in the country. The integrated campaign, entitled ‘We Hate Waste’, saw a historic building in the prestigious Brera district of Milan appear completely frozen due to an air conditioner being left on for months.
On the first day of the week-long stunt no branding was used, leaving the country speculating what had happened. On the second day, E.ON’s branding was revealed at an event at the historic building to discuss energy waste issues
With the stunt taking place above the world-famous Radetzky bar, people were invited to try a limited edition Radetzky-on-the-Rocks drink, which was custom-made for E.ON.
After just a few hours of the stunt running, #palazzoghiacciato (frozen palace) was the top trending topic in Italy. The next day after the reveal, E.ON Italy was all over the news again,generating over ten million social media impressions and close to a hundred press articles and posts.
During the stunt, hundreds of passers-by stopped in the middle of the street to observe the spectacle and try to find out what was going on. To add to the drama, two fire trucks were parked on a sidewalk, with an entire brigade reacting to what seemed like an emergency, which included rescuing people from the windows in a crane. Irritated neighbours out in the cold reacted with protests and placards, reading: ‘Stop Waste’ and ‘Not in our area’.
Peter Ilyes, CEO of E.ON Italy, said: “We believe that a better tomorrow is created not by consuming more for less, but by identifying and promoting more efficient energy solutions and behaviours. We feel this strongly as a company, and we wanted to make sure this value comes through clearly in our communication, too. This is what is behind “We Hate Waste” positioning.”
Carlo Noseda, Managing Partner at M&C Saatchi Milan, added: “We all waste energy. And while it seems small on a daily basis, it accumulates to huge amounts  annually. As E.ON Italy helped us realise, true saving on energy bills comes not from hunting offers, but by behavioural and attitudinal changes.”
Vincenzo Gasbarro, Creative Partner at M&C Saatchi Milan, concluded: “Our exaggerated stunt of reckless residential waste has worked – for two days in a row E.ON Italy was the social talk of Italy. Here’s to a brave client on a long-term mission.”
The integrated campaign by E.ON Italy began in November 2016, running run across TV, print, outdoor, digital and social, including an energy check-up tool, also designed by the agency.
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Rock Hotel Leaves Smashed TV’s Outside Competitors to Show they are a Cool Alternative

Everyone is competing for corporate functions these days, including large hotel chains such as the Radison, Hilton, Marriot. When you’re a legendary live rock venue, how do you promote your business functions offering? By acting like a rock star. Strategically leaving smashed TVs outside of hotels which included messages directing people to the Triffid.
Video below:
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Vote Leave Bus Promoting NHS Budget “lies” Hijacked by Greenpeace

The ‘Vote Leave’ EU battle-bus, which featured the claim that leaving the EU could boost the NHS by £350m a week, has been hired by Greenpeace in a smart stunt to recapture media and public attention. The “lies” about EU funding will be replaced with demands for the “truth”in the stunt outside Parliament.

The bus is being covered with thousands of messages for the new Government, asking members of the public to make suggestions.
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Huntsman Condoms Prove to be PETA's Punchy Publicity Prank

PETA has created “Huntsman Condoms” to encourage hunters to stop reproducing to put and end to hunting being passed on from generation to generation.
The move to “stop hunters breeding” for the sheer purpose of mocking them would likely backfire on just about any entity except PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The outspoken organisation is already known for its controversial marketing stunts and, compared to its red-paint-flinging past, this is mild. But one has to admire the long-game PETA played in marketing this product for months before jumping out of the proverbial trees and shouting “AH HAH! GOT YOU!”
Video below:
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Strongbow Kicks Off 7 ‘Nature Remix' Acts with Johannesburg Orchard Tower

Cider brand Strongbow has launched a global marketing campaign called ‘Nature Remix’ to encourage consumers to reconnect with nature and raise awareness around its new range.
Spearheaded by seven acts in seven global cities, the campaign, co-created with Cloudfactory, merges experiential stunts, a TV commercial, digital films and social media actions to publicise new cider flavours: Gold Apple, Honey, Red Berries, Elderflower and Dark Fruit.
The first activation includes the growing of an orchard in central Johannesburg with the branches weaving through the windows of an abandoned tower block, filmed by Fredrik Bond. This marks the first of seven actions from the brand.
Jiri Rakosnik, global marketing manager of cider at Heineken, said; “The zeitgeist among millennials is to try to make the world a better place to live, through a series of small actions that add up to more than the sum of their parts.
“The new campaign takes this insight and invites consumers to bring nature back into their city in a creative and enjoyable way. Our launch in Johannesburg is just the beginning. We have future acts planned in Toronto, Bucharest, Bratislava, Prague, Lisbon and Vietnam.”
Video below:
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London Burger King Gets Royal Name Change to Honour Queen's 90th Birthday

A central London outlet of Burger King has received a royal makeover fit for a queen.
The Tottenham Court Road branch has been transformed into the Burger Queen for one day only, to celebrate her majesty’s birthday.
To honour Queen Elizabeth’s 90th, the restaurant is also offering customers with the Burger King app a Chicken Royale with small fries for £1.99.
Burger King regional managing director Simon Joseph said: “At Burger King we wanted to celebrate this exciting event, and what better way than with our very own royal makeover transforming the king of the burger into a Burger Queen.
“We hope our Tottenham Court Road guests enjoy this tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
“We congratulate her majesty on her birthday.”
Thousands of people have taken to Twitter to mark the big day, using hashtags #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty and #Queenat90.
South West trains also got in on the act with information boards displaying the message : “Happy Birthday to her Majesty the Queen.”
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This is what Happens When a Bank Takes Over Your Local Pub

In an attempt to highlight the importance of good customer service – in a sector renowned for its bad service – the bank Tandem has created a prank video showing poor service in a real-life pub setting.
Watching the video I’m sure everyone can recognise the obvious signs of bad customer service; being put on hold, transferred from person to person and being overcharged.
The bank cleverly highlights it’s new approach to banking in this funny video reinforcing it’s mantra ‘everyone can have a better, happier life with money’.
Video below:
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