Street magazine in Stockholm reaches out to public on the back of stolen subway ads

Situation Sthlm is a street magazine sold by homeless people in Stockholm.  Although the magazine is written by and for Stockholmers, many do not know of its existence, and they constantly need to reach out to new readers, which with no media budget, proves difficult.
The Fotografiska centre for contemporary photography however, is known to most of the residents as a popular attraction. When they advertise on OOH in the Stockholm subway, they usually print extra copies, as the adverts are stolen by people who take the posters home to put on their wall.
Situation Sthlm took advantage of Fotografiska’s latest ad run by adding a message on the back for people to take home.
When the Fotografiska  advertised their exhibition “We Have a Dream” – with portraits of Dalai Lama and Malala among others– the magazine printed a greeting on the back of these coveted ads, sending a message to discover more sides of Stockholm. A message the Stockholmers carried all the way home.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Gr7LBNMKtH4[/youtube]
Via: Best Ads on TV