Czech Beer Company Creates Typewriter That Pours Beer As You Type

Czech beer brand Staropramen wanted to reach out and encourage people who spend their time enjoying quality experiences such as theatre, jazz music, fine cinema and literature.
They connected a typewriter to a draught beer machine and created the ‘TapWriter’, the world’s first type-controlled draught.
Staropramen then presented its TapWriter at various book fairs and theatre festivals in Romania and gave aspiring writers a blank piece of paper. For each piece of writing, the author got free beer dispensed into his/her glass while typing. As the words poured out, so did the beer.
The story were then printed on the beer coasters within the bars
The agency is FCB Bucharest, Romania
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]iz1PTm37hfc[/youtube]
Via: Digital Synopsis