Starbucks Malaysia got their customers to design their new billboards- without them realising it

The next time you need some inspiration, take a page from Starbucks Malaysia’s playbook.
The coffee chain recently unveiled a series of new billboards all around the Klang Valley.
Here’s the cool thing about them: the billboards were designed by their customers – and they didn’t even know about it!
Over the course of a weekend in May, Starbucks Malaysia invited customers to showcase their creativity through their community art project called The Art of Expression.
Held in conjunction with Starbucks’ summer campaign called “Show Your Flavor”, the Art of Expression project allows Malaysians from all walks of life to express themselves through colours and art.

On 20th May, Starbucks Malaysia placed eight blank canvases at selected outlets nationwide.
Customers who visited the stores were invited to leave their mark on the canvases – either by painting a picture, leaving a message or plainly just splash some colours on the sheet of paper.

According to Starbucks Malaysia, they wanted Malaysians from all walks of life to ‘show their flavour’ and showcase their artistic talents on these canvases.
So, all the colours, drawings and doodles you see on the billboard are “a genuine expression from the young to the old”, Starbucks added.

Little did they know, Starbucks Malaysia had a plan for these canvases.
After the event, they set out to enhance the vibrant artworks into massive billboards. The individual canvases were combined into a giant masterpiece and showcased on billboards for all Malaysians to view!

Via: Rojak Daily

Starbucks Build a Light Up, Gingerbread Smelling, Tree of Cups

With Halloween out of the way companies turn their attention to Christmas with trees already popping up in department stores nationwide.

Cue the Starbucks red cup, used during the festive period every year although this time they have gone one better than simply changing the cup colour.

Partnering up with Manning Gottlieb OMD, Fuse and Mobile5, they have built a giant tree of red cups in Kings Cross station that not only smells of their famous gingerbread latte but also gradually lights up the more people tweet using #redcup.

The hashtag was also displayed on screens across the station and customers were treated with complimentary gift cards for as long as the tree is standing. On top of that, Twitter have got involved and designer their own ‘red cup’ emoji that appears every time someone tweets using #redcup.