Posterscope Netherlands help deliver the ultimate relaxation for passengers in hammam bus shelter

To escape from the busy city life skin care brand Rituals, Posterscope Netherlands, Vizeum and JCDecaux facilitate a bus shelter spa for public transport passengers. In the city centre of Amsterdam passersby were given the opportunity to relax in a hammam spa setting.
Decorated with candle light, copper benches and a traditional mosaic wall Rituals takes passengers to the world of the middle eastern bath house to feel the ultimate relaxing hammam experience. With the hammam bus shelter Rituals wanted to promote the new products of the special Hammam line. This product line is inspired by the ancient tradition of eastern Hammam spa’s, with a focus on creating a home wellness experience and escaping the busy daily life.

Cromwell Road Revs Up for New BMW i8 Campaign

Over the next two weeks, Clear Channel’s flagship Cromwell Road site will be home to a full-scale, 600-kilogram fibreglass replica of the new BMW i8 – the innovative hybrid sports car from one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.
BMW has taken over all six Cromwell Road advertising panels for their stunning out-of-home advertising campaign. An elevated ramp has been built to create the illusion of the replica i8 driving along a road, bringing the advert to life. The campaign was planned and booked by Vizeum and Posterscope.
Nicola Green, BMW’s Marketing Communications Manager – Brand and New Model Launches, said: “The i8 is a car which stands out – its design, innovation and performance. As such, it was important for us that when marketing and promoting this model, we did something a little bit different.  The Cromwell Road placement allows us to do that in an eye-catching and exciting way.”

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